Throwback Thursday: “Walking In Memphis”
Mar 2012 22

Throwback Thursday

Well guys, FM is about to celebrate it’s 1st birthday, and as I celebrated my ’24 sitting on 24 dollars’ birthday yesterday, I think it’s finally time that I  share my favorite song.

“Walking In Memphis”, by Marc Cohn, isn’t just my favorite song of the moment, or a favorite ‘classic’ song – it is my favorite song of all time. Hands down, no questions asked, givin’ it to you straight.

So what does this song mean to me?

It means that whenever I hear it I feel a splash of inner peace, temporarily stealing me away from whatever situation I may be in at the time. It means that when it passes by the ears of my family and friends, I’ll get a text or note, saying it made them think of me – Or if I’m really lucky and that person is sufficiently intoxicated, I’ll get a drunken sing along message on my voicemail. It reminds me of just how lucky I am to have such incredible people in my life; People who make sure wherever I go on my Birthday, that the DJ has it ready to go in their library, prompting some happy birthday tears and lots of hugs. It defines the moment of sitting in my roommates’ room after our birthday party junior year,  when we all just let the song take hold- and one person’s gaze told me everything I needed to know. It hints to faded friendships with people who aren’t forgotten, and to new friends who have just made an appearance. It sets a humble mood, encouraging people to reflect on what’s truly important… And while I have absolutely no emotional investment in the lyrics – Memphis, Beale Street, Elvis, or Muriel – it connects to me in a way that no other song has.

This is the true meaning behind music, and this is the song that makes me love it so much.

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