Throwback Thursday: It’s All About The Passion Baby
Jan 2012 26

Throwback Thursday

Last week I was reminded of how many crazy, absurd things I used to have to do for swimming; Looking back on the intensity of our training level, and the torture that our bodies could physically endure, I truly have no idea how I did it for so long.

Passion can be an incredibly strong force that leads you away from what’s logical, and allows you to strive for an otherwise out of sight, end goal; A feeling that the majority of our featured artists, young professionals, athletes, and many of you, feel day in and day out.

I was completely dedicated to swimming all through high school- and while I had my ups and downs in college, I’m glad I persevered and saw it through. Maino’s, “All The Above,” a radio ready rap track, completely leveled me before my races at ACC’s my junior year of college. Surprisingly, I never, ever, listened to music as a pre-race strategy; I preferred to calm myself and clear my mind, so that I would ‘just go’. No thinking necessary.

But this track proved to have a similar effect – an energy that left me feeling powerful and ready to give it everything I had.

What’s your passion?

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