Throwback Thursday: I Feel Free
Feb 2012 02

Throwwwback Thursday

The following statement will most likely make you love me, or strongly dislike me.

Sometimes I think I’m a psychic.

Seriously. There have been a lot of instances where assuming it’s a strange and unlikely coincidence, just doesn’t cut it for me.

Last Sunday I was kind of bumming, and was ready to throw my laptop against the wall as I worked through countless hours of readying the new site; So what better way to revive my mood but to listen to my top 25 Most Played songs in my iTunes library. Needless to say, this list goes back many, many years, and has some incredibly random songs on it, but some pretty f*cking awesome ones at that.

So when “I Feel Free” by Ricky Blaze ft. Ron Browz came on, I literally had to stop what I was doing, double check the song, and wonder how the hell that had made my top 25 most listened to tracks…

You want to know why? College. More specifically, our annual swim semi.

Semi is an entirely other story that I will not get into, or try to explain in fear that you will actually look at me with disgust; But regardless, this was my favorite song of the moment, and reminds me of so many rediculous things happened happend at that year’s party- including but not limited to: some rando throwing up in my bed and school bag, a bedspread being ripped (ahem..), a fire extinguisher explosion, and the collapse of our bathroom shower…

Flash forward to this past Monday, when I was driving home from work, and what does DJ Pup Dawg play in his 5 o’clock traffic jam? I FEEL FREE. Say what?! A song that virtually got no radio play back in the day, just mysteriously is played during the highest radio audience of the day?

Psychic. Boom.You can go ahead and thank me for that song being played.

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