Throwback Thursday: From format to fun
Feb 2012 23

I’m probably not the only one who’s had a hop in their step today. It’s about 60 degrees in NYC (feels like 70 though since it’s the middle of winter) and I was seriously considering wearing a tank top and shorts to work today. The weather has put me in a great mood and reminded me of  one of my all time favorite “pick me up”/ “feel good” songs,  “The First Single” by the Format. It’s a fun loving poppy song with lyrics like “Cause all you really need are a few good friends” that we used to belt out as we opened up our windows to blast music, letting in the fresh spring time air after a long winter.

A few years ago The Format broke up and lead singer Nate Ruess formed fun., and recorded their debut album, Aim & Ignite in 2009. Recently I had another throwback memory of the memorable lead singers vocals when, during a commercial break, I heard his voice in a Chevy Super Bowl.  The “We are Young” music video is after the jump.

**Fun fact: My friend subbed in for their violin player during a concert so I feel even more inclined to tell you all to support the band and go to iTunes to purchase their newest album Some Nights !!!!

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