‘The Bling Ring’ Soundtrack + Sofia Coppola Interview
Jun 2013 20

As I’m sure y’all know, Hermione Granger is transferring into Slytherin this weekend by way of Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring. (Translation: Emma Watson sheds her good-girl image by bumping blow and robbing celebs in Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring). 

What you may not know is that Sofia Coppola, apart from being an incredible director, also has bomb taste in music. I mean, she is married to Thomas Mars of Phoenix, after all. The soundtrack to The Bling Ring features M.I.A., Rye Rye, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Sleigh Bells, Azealia Banks, Frank Ocean and, of course, Phoenix, among talented others.

I sat down with Coppola to discuss her film, the celebrity-obsessed culture we live in, social media, and, of course, the soundtrack! You can read my entire interview with Sofia here.

Be sure to check out The Bling Ring as it hits theaters nationwide this weekend. In the meantime, you can stream the soundtrack below!

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