Sunnies Friday: “Party” – ScHoolboy Q
Aug 2012 17

ScHoolboy Q could rap about socks and I’d still love him. The guy’s a beast, and constantly creates songs that I would rarely ever listen to if they were rapped by someone else. “Party” takes you into the weekend spirit by declaring everything you should be doing this weekend: Partying. Duh.

While I may consider myself a ‘bad b*tch’ others may not agree – but if you see my tearing through the weekend with this track as my theme song, I bet I could make some of you reconsider…


Sunnies Friday is dedicated to everyone out there who is rewarded by Thursday with a hangover Friday morning; The song dedicated to the cause will be inspirational, easy to listen to, and help you be on the mend for your friday night which starts in a few short hours.

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