Spotlight: Fresh Musikk Interviews The Neighbourhood
May 2012 23

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“..Some people will feel motivated, some depressed, some nostalgic. But as long as you know how to feel something, our music

is for you.” ~ The Neighbourhood

Fresh Musikk thrives on the basis that music has the ability to connect, define, reflect, and explore one’s emotions. Hell – that’s the entire reason we started this music blog, so that we could introduce new music that invokes a natural, emotional response from its listeners.

As I rolled over to check my email Saturday morning, I was jolted awake from my drunken stupor as I read the responses to my interview questions from The Neighbourhood; I felt the passion, and as Jesse gracefully wrote the words that every true music fan wants to hear, I knew my love for the SoCal indie group had just grown exponentially.

The Neighbourhood has been on a whirlwind, media rollercoaster ride these past few months; They gained an incredible amount of attention for their second single, “Sweater Weather”, followed by their debut EP, I’m Sorry. Their cool style, and SoCal vibe are reflected in the indie pop music which has a healthy dose of melancholy sweetness; The lyrics reflect everyone’s inner doubts about relationships, the struggle to understand swirling feelings, and the ability to accept life’s truths…

The 5 piece band is being touted as the best, new indie pop group of 2012, and after one listen you will understand why. Fresh Musikk had the chance to interview The Neighbourhood and explore their creative inspirations, their plans for new music and tours, and who has the best chance of marrying Jennifer Aniston. Read on and be inspired…

Fresh Musikk Interview with The Neighbourhood

1. Very few musicians and bands hit the nail on the head on their very first try, but that’s exactly what The Neighbourhood did, first with “Female Robbery”, and then with “Sweater Weather”; Did you expect everything to take off so quickly?
I don’t think anyone could necessarily expect things to take off as fast as they did for us, but we definitely knew we had something special right away. The reaction from the people just solidified it and made it real.
2. “Sweater Weather” is still on repeat in my iTunes, and clearly has the ability to connect to people on a deeper level; Where did you grab inspiration from while writing the song, and subsequently when developing the stunning visuals for the music video?
I write all my lyrics based off of whatever is floating around in my head. Everything is pretty spontaneous and organically just comes out. The cool part about my lyrics, and our music as a band is that we always have the same type of vision for where a song should go, musically & visually. We work with a couple of our closest friends to make the vidoes and they always have the same mindset as the rest of us. The vision is always clear and cohesive between all of us.
3. Last week you released your first EP, I’m Sorry, which helped to clearly define your ‘dark, indie pop’ sound in a collective manner, what do you hope your fans take away from the music?
The fact that people are responding at all is a gorgeous thing. But the fact that it is so much positive feedback is the coolest thing ever. We just want people to take it for what it is.. good songs that make you feel a certain way. Some people will feel motivated, some depressed, some nostalgic. But as long as you know how to feel something, our music is for you.
4. I’ve seen The Neighbourhood posted about on music blogs, lifestyle sites, fashion blogs, and more – so now that you’re on your way to taking over the blogosphere, what’s in store for the rest of 2012? Tours, music videos, an album?
Nailed it right on the head. 🙂 Also, a lot of merchandise. That is really gonna build this movement. That is a major next step.
5. Will the upcoming album have a similar vibe as the EP, or will you take a different creative approach?
Hmm.. I guess we’ll find out right? Haha all I can say is that we are going to continue to write the songs the same way we have been writing them. It’s up to you to decide whether you think we ‘went somewhere else’ or I suppose.
6. Describe The Neighbourhood in five words.
Black, White, Rad, Hustle, Substance.
7. If you could see anyone in concert, dead or alive, who would it be?
The Beatles, duh?
8. NorCal or SoCal?
SoCal dude!
9. Out of all of you, who would have the best shot at marrying America’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston?
Shit, probably Mikey. He’s america’s sweetheart himself haha.
10. Collectively, if you were stuck on a desert island and could have one song on your iPod, one celebrity sidekick, and one other object, what would you choose?
Dude this is a cool question haha! Hmm… One song? I don’t think it’s been written yet (but we’re working on it). As for celebrity sidekick (and i hope you’re not referring to the out dated t-mobile phone) I would have to say probably some sort of female because then we can reproduce and it’ll be less lonely. Probably Katy Perry? She’s funny and weird and cool and what not. That’d be entertaining. And one object, an iPhone for sure. or a computer with Logic on it… can i charge this object? haha shit I don’t know..
Thanks for answering our questions guys! Keep making the awesome music!
We will! Thank you for being interested 🙂

If you weren’t a fan of The Neighbourhood before, I hope that this interview at the very least made you reconsider, and I know that their music will make you a believer.

Thank you to Kirk and the guys of The Neighbourhood for taking the time to do this interview!

Download their I’m Sorry EP for free or show some support and cop it on iTunes!


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    Love these guys, glad you ladies are spreading the stoke on them — they definitely deserve the attention!

  2. macky-paige says:

    Nice interview! Have you seen their video/mini documentary yet? It puts a smile on my face…

  3. ehowders says:

    Have you seen the vid for “Let It Go?”

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