"Say My Name/Cry Me A River" & "A Little Death" – The Neighbourhood
Jan 2013 28

“Say My Name” was my specialty in college. One of my roommates and I nailed our rendition every time we decided to drunkenly perform it. F*ckin’ nailed it.

But, I will get off my high horse and say that my great loves, The Neighbourhood take it to another level. Adding their signature dose of dark mysteriousness, the Destiny’s Child classic takes on a whole new vibe.


My heart just stopped when JT’s, “Cry Me A River,” made its appearance. This takes me back to high school when I soberly busted this out at swim meets – clearly I had a song for each era of my life…

The quintet’s acoustic ‘mash-up’

is the best Monday Morning wake-up present that I’ve received in a long time. All the pop royalty is back on high alert, with The Neighbourhood in quick succession to the crown…

*Also, check out the Cali outfit’s seductive video for “A Little Death” which will surely excite anyone who has a libido out there. With powerful imagery, rebirth, and a tender touch, this will have your eyes, attention, and heart captivated til the very end.


“Touch me there, I want you to touch me there. Make me feel like I am breathing, feel like I am human.”

The Neighbourhood ~ Fresh Musikk

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