Lord Huron – "Time to Run"
May 2013 01

As spring quickly blossoms into summer, songs like Lord Huron’s “Time To Run” are a surefire way to put a smile on my face and a dance in my step. After a massive Coachella comedown, songs like this make me yearn to be around fellow music lovers, singing and dancing together on a sun-drenched field.

While folk music is something I’d normally pass on by, I cannot deny that this LA-based indie folk band has stirred something within me. The sheer number of instrumentals coupled with Ben Schneider’s vocals and heartfelt lyrics are enough to fill any heart with joy.

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;quot;I Wanna Go&amp;quot; – Yuna
Apr 2013 24

Wednesdays filled with warmth and sunshine feel like a perfect day for a delicate song. Yuna’s new release, “I Wanna Go” embodies joy, peace, and the serenity of lying in an open meadow surrounding by blossoming flowers…Did anyone else feel that visual??

I think everyone can enjoy something this beautiful, and I hope it makes your stressful humpday and easy one.

“I Wanna Go” will be featured on her upcoming EP, Sixth Street, due out May 7th!

Fresh Musikk

Musikk Video: &amp;quot;Can't Hold Us&amp;quot; – Macklemore &amp;amp; Ryan Lewis
Apr 2013 23

There are few times I’m at a literal loss for words, but this is one of them.

“Can’t Hold Us” has been a fan favorite for Macklemore fans for a few years now; we’ve seen another solid video in the past, but now that they’ve successfully crossed that mainstream threshhold, it’s only fitting that we get another one.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s team has always done a phenomenal job at making creative videos on little to no budget, so if we were to only imagine what they could do with a budget…it would look something like this seven minute masterpiece.

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Daft Punk &amp;quot;Get Lucky&amp;quot; (ft. Pharrell &amp;amp; Nile Rodgers)
Apr 2013 18

Since Daft Punk released their abbreviated (teaser) version of this song, there has been phony leak after phony leak of the full single.  But alas, the full version has finally leaked. Too bad the rumored Coachella Weekend One appearance didn’t pan out, but take solace in the fact that DP is back, and their new album drops May 2013.  Until then, enjoy this smooth jam!


Live DJ Set: Martin Solveig at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas
Apr 2013 17

Okay, I’ve been lazy.  But my one week Vegas-hangover has finally surpassed, so I’ll get this post up.  I was fortunate enough to see both Afrojack and Martin Solveig (at Surrender and XS, respectively) while in Las Vegas last week, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the two of them.  Solveig’s set particularly impressed me.

 His transitions were impeccable, keeping the audience captivated the entire night (and well into the morning).  From Missy Elliot to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Solveig sampled every artist under the sun.  My favorite transition was when he worked Boys Noize’s This is What You Want into Oasis’s Wonderwall.  Blew my mind.  Check out his set from Ultra below, and if this man spins in your city, make sure to get your tickets early.


Album Stream: I Love You – The Neighbourhood
Apr 2013 17

The California quintet graciously offered up their full length, debut album for streaming, in anticipation of its release on April 23rd. I Love You features some old school favorites like “Sweater Weather” and “Female Robbery”, while showcasing what will soon become newfound favorites.

“Alleyways” and “W.D.Y.W.F.M?” encapsulate everything we’ve grown to love from The Neighbourhood – smoky, mysterious wisps of

a desperate love, and a steady dark pop instrumental. “Flawless” deepens the star-crossed lovers thematic, while strengthening their ability to reach listeners’ desperate heartstrings.

As we’ve come to expect, this full length project can be appreciated in it’s entirety, from the first song to the last…

The Neighbourhood ~ Fresh Musikk

Pre-Order I Love You, here.

To my delight, The Neighbourhood will be heading to the right coast the end of this month! I’ve been waiting for over a year to see these guys live, and absolutely cannot wait to see them bring it.

Stream HERE!

&amp;quot;The City&amp;quot; – The 1975
Apr 2013 16

The 1975 is onto something. They may be just the key to making British pop mainstream in America.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Boston a little over a week ago, and was releived to hear that their talent magnificently shines in live performances. The played their latest new single. “The City” and while the studio version is completely repeat-worthy, the live version blows it away.

It for some unkown reason these guys aren’t on your radar, put out your antennas and get with it!

The 1975 ~ Fresh Musikk

Futurecop! – Misanthr:)pist Wolf
Apr 2013 12

Futurecop! just gets me. I mean, they’re perfect. As I drive off into the Coachella wild this weekend, this shall be my theme song. Well, one of them, at any rate.

The track opens with a dreamlike quality of 80s-inspired dance and quickly gets darker and edgier with every howl. This is one of the first releases off Futurecop’s upcoming album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, which is getting major support from the likes of Crystal Castles, Diplo and Annie Mac.

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;amp;quot;Oh Sailor&amp;amp;quot; – Mr Little Jeans
Apr 2013 11

Mr. Little Jeans personifies a modern day lullaby.

Her latest single, “Oh Sailor” eases you into a mellow, lackadaisical frame of mind, and instills a sense of calm.

I’m unsure if I’m reacting to a sever lack of sleep, or have become encapsulated by her sing-song approach, but I was completely motionless and in order viagra canada a trance

like state while watching this video – and it is exactly what I needed.

Mr. Little Jeans ~ Fresh Musikk

Musikk Video: &amp;amp;quot;Power Trip&amp;amp;quot; – J. Cole ft. Miguel
Apr 2013 10

J. Cole

Let me drop some major “shit girls say” lines on you…

I could

see myself dating J.Cole. Not because I’d even have a chance – but because I really feel like he’s a nice, and down to earth person. His passion, delivery, buying viagra and lyrical substance is incredibly attractive- and simply leads me to believe that he’s genuine.

And “Power Trip”. Ooooh baby. The things that you can do to that song!

So, J – c’mon, all I wanted was a sultry video, with some sexy smiles thrown in for good measure. Naturally, we got strippers, a love triangle, and a sad ending for Miguel…

Fresh Musikk

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