OnCue Interview & Koncert Review: Kid’s Got Stage Presence
Apr 2012 13

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“I get kids all the time saying… I feel like I know you through the music, and that’s really all I can ask for; When I set out to do this stuff, I wanted to give me, not some false representation”

Within five minutes of meeting Cuey, I knew I was going to like him; His honesty, genuinity, and artistic passion was obvious right from the start – and in an industry filled with egos and bullsh*t, I never once doubted the sincerity behind his words.

If you are one of the good ones, you have already discovered Oncue’s music and his incredible talent of creating raw and honest hip hop music, with a healthy does of indie flavor; With multiple mixtapes under his belt, and the wild success of his most recent project, Can’t Wait, Cuey has captured the attention and people’s heaphones in an all encompassing manner.

Not only can the kid spit, but he can write, sing, produce, design, and more; While I watched him open for The Dean’s List at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, I discovered that on top of all that, he also has a stage presence that leaves a lasting impression – a presence that even many established artists are yet to achieve. Any music lover can tell that Cuey becomes enveloped in the beat of the song, wrapped up in the lyrics he’s singing, and transported to what I imagine to be his ‘happy place’ – on stage, performing, & sharing his story hoping his fans can relate. But the truly impressive part, is that his intense passion is reflected back into the audience; So much so, that there were times when I stood there simply just letting the music soak in.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Cuey after the show, in which we discussed the incredible success of Can’t Wait, how he hopes to connect with his fans, and what more we can expect from him in 2012; And if my previous ramblings haven’t convinced you enough, know that I truly believe that 2012 will set Cuey up for major happenings in his career, and myself and the entire FM family wish him the best.

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