Musikk Video: “Female Robbery” – The Neighbourhood
Aug 2012 07

Forty-five seconds in and you’ll realize that this will be one of the most intricate and well-executed music videos you’ve seen all year. The Neighbourhood has proven that everything they do is of extremely high quality, and at a ‘hard-to-exceed’ high standard. As was evident with our interview with the group, they are incredibly creative, and have a strong determination to be the best at their craft… cue “Female Robbery” 2.0.

Hats off to directors, Zack Sekuler and Daniel Iglesias Jr., who managed to re-create a video of blockbuster caliber into a four minute story of turblulent emotions, and a robbed childhood. The dark, black and white frames (naturally) depict a young girl who’s caught between two fighting, unhappy parents, and struggling to stay hopeful.

Ultimately, she sheds her feelings of despair, and continues on with a new light…Beautiful visuals for a beautiful song.

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