Make Everyday "Go Skateboarding Day" ~ Powered by Vita Coco
Jun 2013 21

Make Every Day Go Skateboarding Day Powered by VitaCoco from JTwo Films on Vimeo.

Some people are just effortlessly cool. Me? Not so much. But hey, a girl can dream.

The guys in this video make it look easy…how, you ask? Because they are doing what they love

So in honor of Go Skateboarding Day, get out there and do what do you do – whatever that may be…And enjoy this video, and easy jams along the way. Music courtesy of Les Professionnels, and their edit of Charles Bradley’s, “The World Is Going Up In Flames.”

“Go Skateboarding Day has become a day for skaters everywhere to get together with friends and celebrate not only the official start to Summer, but also the one day of the year where parks and streets seem to be all theirs. But for a lot of people Go Skate Day is just another day of the week. So we followed Philadelphia skater, Kyle Nicholson, through a day in the life of someone who makes everyday Go Skateboarding Day. “

Huge props to my Vita Coco friends down in Philly who executed this edit flawlessly.

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