Koncert Review: Kendrick Lamar & Best Coast
Jul 2012 16

So last Wednesday I got the chance to check out Kendrick Lamar and Best Coast at Uncapped presented by Vitamin Water and The Fader. The Uncapped concert series is a pretty sweet concept: pairing up the best and most unlikely artists from two totally different genres for a free show.

I was familiar with Kendrick Lamar from “The Recipe” (who isn’t?) and from his Section.80 album, but I hadn’t heard anything from Best Coast before so I was excited to give them a listen.

The venue was super cool -it was an indoor BMX park transformed for the show – and there was a wide mix of people – some who came for Kendrick Lamar; some who came for Best Coast; and some like me, who came to see both acts.

I’ll start with Best Coast. The LA-based duo of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno definitely brought the summer vibes with their surf-pop/rock sound. Bethany’s vocals were really impressive and the music sounded pretty solid live. They seemed to have a decent amount of fans who knew the words to their songs and weren’t afraid to dance in the midst of the crowd.

After Best Coast finished up it was time for Kendrick Lamar to take the stage, and boy did he take it. Going through his journey from his early mixtapes to Section.80 and “The Recipe”, Kendrick brought energy and passion to ever song he performed. My favorite part of the show has to be when he pulled a fan onto the stage to perform “Look Out For Detox”. While Kendrick went through the song the first time he was staring at a fan in the audience who was singing every word on point. Kendrick called him up, gave him a mic, and let him do his thing. The fan killed it, the crowd went crazy, and Kendrick was just going along for the ride having a blast. You could definitely tell that Kendrick was still having fun out there and his fame hadn’t gone to his head.

Another highlight of the show was when Bethany of Best Coast joined Kendrick for “No Make-Up (Her Vice)”. It was really cool seeing these two genres come together and two artists who probably would have never shared the same stage had it not been for Uncapped.

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Check out Kendrick Lamar and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino performing “No Make-Up (Her Vice)” after the jump.

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