GoPro HD: Shark Riders – Dive Housing
May 2012 24

Two words: Fucking awesome.

The latest and greatest GoPro video features the Italian extreme sports beauty, Roberta Mancino, and pro surfer hottie (obv), Mark Healy in Shark Riders – Dive Housing. This video combines all of my favorite things: the ocean, sharks, fantastic music, and an inspirational moment that’s on the verge of being corny…but isn’t! The two athletes free dive in the Bahamas, ironically where I was vacationing last week, and move beneath the waves in a sweet, spontaneous dance, that’s reflected by Emancipator’s delicate song, “Ares.”

“The sun rays were just coming down really golden.

I don’t know how long I was underwater but for some reason I clicked into this euphoric calm. I almost can’t even differentiate whether that was a dream or if it really happened.” ~ Mark

The ocean allows people to become uninhibited in a way that doesn’t even seem possible; The fact that it has the ability to be beautiful, dangerous, calm, rambunctious, sparkling, and eery, elicits a sense of true awe and wonderment.

Did I just make that word up? Possibly, but roll with it. Literally.

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