G-Eazy Slows It Down With “Marilyn”
Feb 2012 21

“I want to love you, but if it’s not right, what can I do?” 

G-Eazy surprises me with every new release in an ear-matically satisfying way.

He slows it down with “Marilyn” which features unique, indie laced vocals from Dominique LeJeune on the hook; The two weave a story of mistrust, regret, and the intensity of what else, but a love story. G makes this song relatable in the motional sense through his serious tone that he’s set, which is a different vibe from what we usually hear from him.

“So make it worth it tonight, only so you know I never hurt you in spite/ Love you like you never will again/ It’s our last time, tonight forget about the past time”

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