Fresh Musikk Wrap Up: Best Songs of 2012
Dec 2012 26

Like any year, there was a lot of great music in 2012. SO much so, that it is an incredibly daunting feat to put together a list of the best songs that made its way into our speakers.

Last year we narrowed it down to 10 songs, but this year I decided to switch it up and give an ode to 2012; Since I failed to shorten it to 12 songs also, I decided to anagram that sh*t and give you 21 stellar songs. Not only is it a fantastic amount for a playlist, but it’s also my favorite number. Therefore I’m using my authoritative power as FM’s founder to give you the 21 best songs of 2012!

21. “It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons made the transition from indie underground to radio smasher. As a semi-snobbish musikk blogger, I despise the majority of songs on the radio, but was prideful to know that good music still appeals to the masses.

20. “Hands on the Wheel” – ScHoolboy Q

I may have been a little late to the party, but this was the first ScHoolboy Q song that I fell in love with.  His lyrical delivery is consistent, unique, and achieves what thousands of others can only imitate.

19. “Kings & Queens” – Joseph SoMo

The Dallas kid shows off that southern appeal and pop star charm that makes “Kings & Queens” have ‘instant smash hit’ written all over it.

18. “Angels” – The xx

In the blogosphere, you can always tell the next major song when everyone and their mother remixes it; “Angels” took the cake this year, much like “Somebody That I Used To Know” rocked the waves in 2011.

17. “The Feeling” – The Knocks

The Knocks blew me away this year when I saw them live; they proved they are much more than just talented producers with their smooth vocals and exciting acoustic performances. “The Feeling” captures the fun loving party atmosphere and achieves maximum repeat-ability.

16. “The City” – Madeon

Zak Waters should be the takeaway from this song. We’ve known that Madeon is a teenage phenom, but he really nailed it when he chose Zak for the vocals on “The City”.

15. “F*ckin’ Problem” – ASAP Rocky

I love bad b*tches that’s my f*ckin problem.

14. “Driftin” – Y Luv

Y Luv flies under the radar. They did it in 2011 and they did it again in 2012. “Driftin’” was their re-introduction back into the blogosphere, and the piano lead in hooked me in right away.

13. “You Make Me Feel Good” – Satin Jackets

Sometimes I know a song is good simply based on the number of times I wake up singing it. Satin Jackets makes me feel (damn) good and there’s no way around it.

12. “Don’t Save Me” – HAIM

While I love this song tremendously, the Haim sisters greatly contribute to this song making the cut; the girls are trendy, badass, and obviously talented.

11. “Doses & Mimosas” – Cherub

Talk about likeable. This Nashville duo unabashedly talks about sex, drugs, and rock & roll with a heavy dose of charm…and mimosas.

10. “Clique” – G.O.O.D. Music

Mr. West rounded up the crew and unleashed their power on the world with their collaborative album, Cruel Summer. “Clique” hit the spot with it’s killer one liners, and everybody running round shouting – “ain’t nobody f*ckin with my clique.”

9. “Open” – Rhye

Wow. When this song made an appearance, no one knew anything about this mysterious duo. “Open” was so classically and progressively beautiful at once, that it’s impossible not to emotionally respond to it.

8. “Guy Friends” – Party Supplies

P-p-party Supplies. Doesn’t everyone need party supplies in their life? “Guy Friends” is the epitome of those supplies in real life – minus the love-scorned lyrics.

7. “Pretty Flacko” – A$AP Rocky

This is pretty anthemic in my book. And after the LiveLoveA$ap mixtape, this single simply fueled my obsession with the A$AP ringleader.

6. “Calling (Lose My Mind)” – Alesso

“It is the ultimate summery weather, pump-up, party track that knows how to get the job done.” I said it earlier this year, and I’ll say it again: This song is a good summation of my summer, and epitomizes that EDM/festival/party scene that dominated the American culture in 2012.

5. “Symptoms” – Atlas Genius

The Australian quartet induces its own symptoms of lovability, musical awe, and lyrical genius.

4. “Same Love” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are the perfect guys to ignite a revolution; With an underground following that is capturing the ears and hearts of the mass audience, their hip hop proclamation for marriage equality got people talking, and listening.

3. “Ocean 2012” – John Butler

Before you get your boxers in a bunch, don’t yell at me for

this song not being produced in 2012; The acoustic rendition from the usually quiet legend, captivated everyone’s heart, and spread chills throughout the still room.

2. “Alan’s Right” – Terence Ryan

“What is the feeling?”

Nobody knew who Terence Ryan was a year ago, and today I can easily say that he is a rare talent that will be making headlines for years to come. “Alan’s Right” combined a philosophic speech, with thoughtful lyricism, and a burning question that will transcend much more than just the year of 2012.

1. “Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood

The Cali quintet came at me like a bat out of hell. It mimicked everything I was feeling at the time, and put it into words what I couldn’t say. It does what every great song should – It makes you feel something. Good, sad, excited, thoughtful, reminiscent, sexy – anything. When you hear a great song, you should walk away with an emotional connection, and these guys have mastered that in 2012.

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