Fresh Musikk Video Interview: Terence Ryan
Jul 2012 19

It’s always easy to fall for the hype.

Whether it’s the ‘next big artist’, an athlete’s stand out, stellar performance, or a a boy’s charming charisma, and dazzling smile.

Unfortunately, not many of those things come into fruition. The ‘next

big artist’ fizzles into a one-hit-wonder and subpar live performer, the athlete fails a drug test and falls into a slump, and the boy’s smile was shining for three other biddies on the side.

For those reasons alone, I use my words wisely on Fresh Musikk. Aside from exclusively only posting music that I enjoy, I only reserve big claims for artists I believe in; And as I’ve said before, Terence Ryan is one of them.

Lucky for him, the Boston (suburb) native can do it all: create, write, produce, sing, rap, etc… And as he continues to develop and grow his skills, some may shine more than the others, and allow him to achieve the recognition he deserves.

Fresh Musikk is excited to release it’s second interview with the newcomer as we discuss music blogs, his love for Emmy Rossum, and of course the effect that his music can have on it’s listeners…

Terence was composed, passionate, and spoke with a confident deliverance that seemed so far beyond his years; Dive on in, and get a taste of Terence in his hometown of Boston – with the city skyline, planes overhead, and all…

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Check out our first interview with Terence, here!

Thank you to Terence, Stoveman and David Airaudi for helping to set this up!

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