Fresh Musikk: American Summer Playlist
Jun 2012 21

Today, I saw a kid wearing a winter hat. It’s 101˚ outside. It’s safe to say me and him have absolutely nothing in common, and most likely will never be friends.

Summer is the greatest 3 months of the year, and is so much more than beaches, pools, sun-kissed skin, dresses, wedges, sunnies, seafood, cookouts, bonfires…Wait, what was I talking about, again?

The sun isn’t the only thing that’s warmer and brighter in the summer – people adopt the same qualities too; Our moods are sunnier, smiles more dazzling, love is exemplified, and happiness shines behind every corner, and bounces off every surface.

The writers at Fresh Musikk have compiled a Spotify playlist of any and every song that reminds us of Summer. Our American Summer playlist includes 100 songs, and 1 for good luck, that includes every single genre, and probably some artists you’ve completely forgotten about; We brought together Mr. Sinatra, and G. Love; Mariah Carey, and Sublime; Dispatch & Justin Bieber; Otis Redding, and Bob Marley, Foster the People, and Chamillionaire – and so, so, many more!

So whether these songs throw us back to nights spent sneaking beers on the beach in 2004, a summer love in 2007, or a crazy night we can’t remember from 2011- these songs hold memories of exhilarated youth and joy, and I hope you can enjoy them with us.

(Due to copyrights we can’t offer this playlist for download, just streaming.)

Click this link to stream all 101 songs on Spotify, or play below.

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