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Dec 2012 20

Fresh Musikk and fashion blog, Rusted Revolution, have teamed up to feature an artist that exemplifies both brands: Posso. Working as both DJs and fashion designers, the stunning twosome took time from their around-the-world touring schedule to take us out and throw down some of their hottest tracks in Hollywood before inviting us into their gorgeous Silverlake home for an intimate interview and photo shoot. World, meet Posso!

It’s a cold night in December (well, cold by a Los Angelinos’ standards) when I first meet Posso. Set to preform with Sex Panther at one of Hollywood’s hottest establishments, Supper Club, the glamorous DJ duo walks confidently into the intimate soiree we’d set-up as a pre meet-and-greet before we interview them tomorrow afternoon.  Their coolness is effortless as they float through the room, casually kissing the other guests on the cheeks and introducing themselves.

Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini, better know as Posso (meaning v. “I can” in Italian), are breathtaking and badass all at once. Dressed to sheer perfection, they’re perfectly poised to engineer the Friday night party vibe for Hollywood’s elite at Supper Club, a posh venue known for its beautiful crowd and dynamic House music.

“Time check?” Vanessa calls out. It’s 10:00 PM, and time for the girls to head out to the club to satisfy Hollywood’s House hunger pains. The girls are ushered into a car and escorted to Supper Club, and we walk over shortly thereafter. Entering the club, I’m excited to see and hear what Posso has in store for us.

It’s quite the scene to behold as we enter the dance hall and see Posso working their magic on the spin table. How can two girls be so chic while laying down such fresh music? The more Posso spins, the more frenzied the crowd becomes until it’s complete pandemonium on the dance floor. Looking up at Posso in the DJ booth, the notion of who they are, DJs and avant-garde designers, is realized. Head to toe, they own the stage and mesmerize the crowd. All I can do is dance. Posso ballare.

The dancing continues well past bar close and the night fades to black…

Waking up with some serious cotton mouth and still feeling the bass from last night rattling around my skull, I drive over to Silverlake to meet Marylouise and Vanessa at their home to get to know the girls responsible from my totally-worth-it hangover a bit better.

Marylouise and Vanessa are primping for our photo shoot in a set of cotton bathrobes, the likes of which a ‘G’ like Bernie Mac would be proud. “While we were on tour we were always in bathrobes from the W Hotel, which made us realize that we absolutely need to have these for ourselves at home,” Marylouise says with a smile. I’m totally envious and have since asked for a “baller bathrobe” from Santa (aka- my mother).

At first glance, it’s easy to confuse Posso as a sister act, and I’m not talking Whoopi Goldberg. Both are tall, statuesque beauties with dark hair and olive complexions, but it’s not just their looks that make the two seem like siblings: they know each other inside and out.

“We’ve known each other since we were four years old,” Marylousise tells me. “We both grew up in the same sleepy town of Sonoma in Northern California, and had been lifelong acquaintances before ‘a certain weirdness’ brought us closer in high school.”

It’s as if destiny hand-selected the pair to be a part of something bigger. “We’ve both always been creative,” Vanessa adds. “I was always very into fashion and design, whereas Marylouise was the resident DJ and new-music connoisseur growing up. It was a very organic fusion, since we were always together we came to appreciate each other’s creative outlets, and began combining our talents and passions.”

Creative passion, it seems, is Posso’s driving force. With a tireless work ethic and a globetrotting schedule, we’re lucky that we had time to sit down with Posso at all, let alone for an entire afternoon.

Fully primped and styled beautifully by Rusted Revolution genius, Lucy McBride, the girls sit down beside a cream Sherman Clay piano that is adorned with trinkets they’ve collected from around the world. I notice an old picture atop the piano and inquire about the subject within. “That’s a picture of Marylouise’s great grandmother, who was also a piano player,” Vanessa tells me as we sip mimosas. Music, it seems, is in their blood.

“We make music, we design, and we travel the world,” they explain. “’Posso’ was born out of a collaboration of our passions, and continues to grow from there. It’s not a finished project, it is constantly evolving,” Vanessa tells me. “It’s sexy, straightforward and positive.”

From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem these two girls have it all figured out. How many people can say that they’ve DJ’d in the worlds top clubs, designed their own line of avant-garde footwear and a capsule clothing collection for surf and skate brand, Volcom? But the reality is, it’s tough work. “There were definitely times when we doubted ourselves,” Vanessa reflects. “People often assume that we’re ‘rolling in it,’ but there were times the money was so tight we literally could not even afford an apartment.”

“It’s important to surround yourself with successful, likeminded people,” Marylouise adds. “When times were tough for us, our friends gave us a place to stay and words of encouragement.” That encouragement, coupled with Posso’s drive and tenacity, has flung them into the global DJ galaxy, where they’re sure to remain a permanent fixture.

This being Fresh Musikk, I ask the girls who inspires them, musically and creatively.  “We derive inspiration from everything we do,” Vanessa says, smiling. “From our travels to our friends and family, it’s really easy to be inspired when you look at the world with an open mind.”

“We’re also totally obsessed with the 90s,” Marylouise adds. “We grew up then, so we always had this idea of what ‘sexy’ was, but we were too young to ‘be sexy,’ so a lot of our current music and design stems from this glamorized notion of what the 90s were. As far as music,” Marylouise continues, taking no time at all to think about it, “we love Cold Blank, Tommy Trash, Bingo Players, Moon Boots, Deniz Koyu and The Magician, to name just a few.” The girls could literally talk about musical influences all day long, but then again,

listening, living and breathing music is their life.

Seeing their hard work pay off has been a dream come true for this dynamic duo. “We are so excited for the future of Posso and where we’re heading,” Marylouise gushes. “It’s important to keep your mind open to new experiences, because that is where you will find the courage to follow your dreams.”

Vanessa nods and agrees with her, “Yes, and it’s vital that you never let anyone dull your sparkle.”

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Check out our photo shoot here! Posso is styled by Rusted Revolution’s Lucy McBride and is wearing Rusted Revolution Jewelry Collection.


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