“Fiberglass Mic” – FAM (For All Mankind)
Jul 2012 12

“Music is about personal expression; it is how you relate to different genres that allows you to connect with different types of people.”

Artists like this group make my job easy. For All Mankind, or FAM, just defined Fresh Musikk in a nutshell with the statement above, which is posted on their Facebook page.

The feeling of intrigue is never one to ignore – and that’s exactly what I experienced as I listened to this song for the first time. The second. And the third.

FAM experimented with opposing genres, fusing and blending them together, within “Fiberglass Mic”; And they aren’t fusing what you would expect –  the overplayed electronic/dub and hip-pop, it is not. I’m not sure what to even categorize this song as, and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

The trio relies on the vocal & emcee talents of Yaho and Danny O, while Petey heads up production; These DC bros unite blues & jazz elements on the production that weaves this subtly darker track through different genres of sound; The two vocalists then flip between soulful, rock styled crooning, and doses of mellow hip hop.

For All Mankind Facebook ~ Twitter /// Fresh Musikk’s Facebook ~ Twitter

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