‘The Bling Ring’ Soundtrack + Sofia Coppola Interview
Jun 2013 20

As I’m sure y’all know, Hermione Granger is transferring into Slytherin this weekend by way of Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring. (Translation: Emma Watson sheds her good-girl image by bumping blow and robbing celebs in Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring). 

What you may not know is that Sofia Coppola, apart from being an incredible director, also has bomb taste in music. I mean, she is married to Thomas Mars of Phoenix, after all. The soundtrack to The Bling Ring features M.I.A., Rye Rye, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Sleigh Bells, Azealia Banks, Frank Ocean and, of course, Phoenix, among talented others.

I sat down with Coppola to discuss her film, the celebrity-obsessed culture we live in, social media, and, of course, the soundtrack! You can read my entire interview with Sofia here.

Be sure to check out The Bling Ring as it hits theaters nationwide this weekend. In the meantime, you can stream the soundtrack below!

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FM Spotlight Interview: Atlas Genius
Sep 2012 05

Fresh Musikk’s ultimate goal is to make you feel something. Yes, you.

We want to share musikk that elicits some sort of reaction that makes you personally connect to the song.

“The lyrics creatively compare the details of a relationship to the waves of the ocean, surfing, & summertime in a way that I’m completely captured by. And while the song takes you through love-sick ailments, you may experience your own “Symptoms” while listening to their serenely, crooning voices…”

The excerpt above was my first reaction, and personal interpretation to the musical quartet, Atlas Genius. After quickly catching the attention of the entire blogosphere through their indie-rock vocals, emotional lyrics, and Australian charm- the band was being hailed by every major record label worldwide.

In June they released their first official EP, Through The Glass, which was followed by creative and passionate music videos, with the latest one showcasing my personal favorite, “Symptoms.”

I had the chance to hop on the phone with Keith, lead vocalist of Atlas Genius, and pick his brain about the meaning behind their music, their upcoming album, and the power behind his Australian accent. With so much talent coming out of Australia right now, these guys seem to be leading the forefront as they make their first official tour through the US and Canada, which you surely won’t want to miss; Get up close and personal at these small venue shows while they last, because it’s only a matter of time until the headlining name in bold is Atlas Genius.

[FM: K.Roth of Fresh Musikk, AG: Keith of Atlas Genius]

FM: There comes a time in a band’s career when they have the opportunity to perform at an international level; Did you ever think after a solid 3 song EP you’d be swept up in an international tour through the US & Canada?

AG: Normally we would not have thought that…Normally you expect it to be a lot slower build. We kind of knew we lucked out…you would never expect to be touring in America for such a long time so early in a band’s career.

FM: “Trojans” is your lead single and is undoubtedly a fantastic song, but on a personal level “Symptoms” spoke to me the most. I think the ultimate value we as listeners can take away from music, is the ability to connect to the emotions behind the words. What can you tell us about the story behind this song?

AG: I started writing that song when we just had decided to move out of our apartment that we were living in for five years – and it’s a strange time when you’re moving from a place you’ve lived in for quite a long time with a lot of memories and things that have happened. There were a lot of personal things, and relationships that had come and gone – and it was the last of those parts of our lives. As we’re moving out it’s that realization that it’s the last link to some of those times that had passed…It was a big moment for us, and we wanted to pay homage to the house.

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Fresh Musikk Video Interview: Terence Ryan
Jul 2012 19

It’s always easy to fall for the hype.

Whether it’s the ‘next big artist’, an athlete’s stand out, stellar performance, or a a boy’s charming charisma, and dazzling smile.

Unfortunately, not many of those things come into fruition. The ‘next

big artist’ fizzles into a one-hit-wonder and subpar live performer, the athlete fails a drug test and falls into a slump, and the boy’s smile was shining for three other biddies on the side.

For those reasons alone, I use my words wisely on Fresh Musikk. Aside from exclusively only posting music that I enjoy, I only reserve big claims for artists I believe in; And as I’ve said before, Terence Ryan is one of them.

Lucky for him, the Boston (suburb) native can do it all: create, write, produce, sing, rap, etc… And as he continues to develop and grow his skills, some may shine more than the others, and allow him to achieve the recognition he deserves.

Fresh Musikk is excited to release it’s second interview with the newcomer as we discuss music blogs, his love for Emmy Rossum, and of course the effect that his music can have on it’s listeners…

Terence was composed, passionate, and spoke with a confident deliverance that seemed so far beyond his years; Dive on in, and get a taste of Terence in his hometown of Boston – with the city skyline, planes overhead, and all…


Terence Ryan on Facebook ~ Twitter /// Fresh Musikk’s Facebook ~ Twitter


Check out our first interview with Terence, here!

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Fresh Musikk Interview: Smarterchild
Jun 2012 13

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I think it’s safe to say that Smarterchild and I are boys – In the most non-literal sense considering I’m a girl – but nonetheless, we share viagra from canada an affinity for sarcasm & humor, and while open to all genres, have a slight weakness for pop music.

I first stumbled upon Smarterchild, an up & coming producer out of New York, when I saw his “LA Lights” music video; The influx of sounds coupled with the stimulating & gritty NYC visuals caught my immediate attention as he seemed to incorporate a swirl of emotional responses through his remix.

Fresh Musikk caught up with Rick Markowitz, aka Smarterchild, and discussed his upcoming releases, his opinion of the electronic & dance music scene, Kate Upton, and why Timberlake is actually the better ‘Justin’ – so read on, and don’t miss the bonus question at the end!

1. I’m hoping for a good story behind the name “SmarterChild” – Why did you choose that name?

For starters, I’d like to establish the fact that I’ve had some of the worst artist/band names in the past. Between my high school bands and other producer “aliases” (I use that word lightly because my music was fucking terrible), I’ve had my fair share of goofy gimmicky names

I got the idea for SmarterChild from the AIM robot that everybody would talk to back in grade school. It was like the original Siri, but cooler because it was in the early 2000’s before iPhone or any of that. I thought it would be dope to take the nostalgia of the buddy icon/buddy list/livejournal days and revive it in an electronic music context. People my age are already familiar with the name, so I figured that even if they’ve never heard my tracks they’d be more likely to click a link based on curiosity.

2. I first was introduced to your production skills to your song, “LA Lights”, and since then you have put out additional remixes, as well as your first all original track, “Hollywood”; Is there a song that stands out the most for you?

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Spotlight: Fresh Musikk Interviews The Neighbourhood
May 2012 23

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“..Some people will feel motivated, some depressed, some nostalgic. But as long as you know how to feel something, our music

is for you.” ~ The Neighbourhood

Fresh Musikk thrives on the basis that music has the ability to connect, define, reflect, and explore one’s emotions. Hell – that’s the entire reason we started this music blog, so that we could introduce new music that invokes a natural, emotional response from its listeners.

As I rolled over to check my email Saturday morning, I was jolted awake from my drunken stupor as I read the responses to my interview questions from The Neighbourhood; I felt the passion, and as Jesse gracefully wrote the words that every true music fan wants to hear, I knew my love for the SoCal indie group had just grown exponentially.

The Neighbourhood has been on a whirlwind, media rollercoaster ride these past few months; They gained an incredible amount of attention for their second single, “Sweater Weather”, followed by their debut EP, I’m Sorry. Their cool style, and SoCal vibe are reflected in the indie pop music which has a healthy dose of melancholy sweetness; The lyrics reflect everyone’s inner doubts about relationships, the struggle to understand swirling feelings, and the ability to accept life’s truths…

The 5 piece band is being touted as the best, new indie pop group of 2012, and after one listen you will understand why. Fresh Musikk had the chance to interview The Neighbourhood and explore their creative inspirations, their plans for new music and tours, and who has the best chance of marrying Jennifer Aniston. Read on and be inspired…

Fresh Musikk Interview with The Neighbourhood

1. Very few musicians and bands hit the nail on the head on their very first try, but that’s exactly what The Neighbourhood did, first with “Female Robbery”, and then with “Sweater Weather”; Did you expect everything to take off so quickly?
I don’t think anyone could necessarily expect things to take off as fast as they did for us, but we definitely knew we had something special right away. The reaction from the people just solidified it and made it real.
2. “Sweater Weather” is still on repeat in my iTunes, and clearly has the ability to connect to people on a deeper level; Where did you grab inspiration from while writing the song, and subsequently when developing the stunning visuals for the music video?
I write all my lyrics based off of whatever is floating around in my head. Everything is pretty spontaneous and organically just comes out. The cool part about my lyrics, and our music as a band is that we always have the same type of vision for where a song should go, musically & visually. We work with a couple of our closest friends to make the vidoes and they always have the same mindset as the rest of us. The vision is always clear and cohesive between all of us. [Read More…]
Fresh Musikk Exclusive Interview with Terence Ryan
Apr 2012 20

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It’s only April and Terence Ryan has already had a big year; He came out swinging with “Alan’s Right” which introduced his impressive, mature sound, and quite literally blew every bloggers mind. His Skeleton EP solidified his status as someone to look out for, and no doubt was put on loop in many people’s iTunes.

Fresh Musikk had the chance to interview Terence and explore his creative inspirations, the Skeleton EP, what’s in store for 2012, and more; Check it out below!

1. You started off 2012 in a major way with the initial release of “Alan’s Right”, followed by your impressive Skeleton EP; Do you consider those events a turning point in your musical career? Did you expect to get so much immediate support from the blogs?

Definitely. “Alan’s Right” was my first official video to ever hit the public, so that was a huge turning point for me. Actually seeing myself in action for the first time posted up on some cool sites and shit was crazy…especially knowing that thousands of other people were seeing it too. The support from all the blogs was awesome…everyone had nothing but good things to say for the video and the Skeleton EP as well…its a great feeling knowing that all my hard work is starting to get recognized and that people actually enjoy listening to my music.

2. I thought the entire EP was fantastic, but “Alan’s Right” coupled with the captivating visuals really stuck with me; What led to the creation of that song, and also how did you and Ryan Sheetz decide what visual storyline would best reflect the track? [Read More…]

OnCue Interview & Koncert Review: Kid’s Got Stage Presence
Apr 2012 13

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“I get kids all the time saying… I feel like I know you through the music, and that’s really all I can ask for; When I set out to do this stuff, I wanted to give me, not some false representation”

Within five minutes of meeting Cuey, I knew I was going to like him; His honesty, genuinity, and artistic passion was obvious right from the start – and in an industry filled with egos and bullsh*t, I never once doubted the sincerity behind his words.

If you are one of the good ones, you have already discovered Oncue’s music and his incredible talent of creating raw and honest hip hop music, with a healthy does of indie flavor; With multiple mixtapes under his belt, and the wild success of his most recent project, Can’t Wait, Cuey has captured the attention and people’s heaphones in an all encompassing manner. [Read More…]