Justin Timberlake Can Do No Wrong: Stream "Mirrors"
Feb 2013 11

As if last night’s Grammy’s performance wasn’t enough, JT once again proves he can do no wrong, and releases his second single, “Mirrors.”

With hints of the always epic, “Cry Me A River,” lacing the beat, Timbaland modernizes what will be an instant heartbreaking smash, going two for two on Justin’s comeback tour. The eight minute song solidifies exactly what Justin is trying to do: redefine and create great pop music. Somehow, somewhere it got lost amidst the genre blending static – which 90% is a great thing to see – but in the pop genre, originality has been lacking.

Last night, I felt like I was fourteen years old again as I sat back in awe every time JT popped up on my screen – trying to contain my giddy excitement, and once again realizing why no guy will ever live up to my unreasonable expectation of the perfect man. You guys can thank Timberlake for that one.

If there ever was reason for a Rick Ross grunt it’s now, because he’s

back and sexy’s with him. Ughnnn.

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The 20/20 Experience is out March 19th….go on and declare it a national holiday already…

Kai The Homefree Hero Is The Most Interesting Person Ever
Feb 2013 07

Kai wins the most interesting man of the year award.

Talk about intriguing – this homefree dude has captivated the attention of people all over the

world. By now, you have all seen his hilariously epic interview that went viral earlier this week, surrounding his heroic actions that saved peoples lives. What’s even more newsworthy than his bizarre hithchiking, hatchet suh-mashing story is the character of this wandering vagabond himself.

Since his celebrity status ignited, a video has surfaced of Kai jamming on the beach with some Canadians in Vernon BC. I don’t know what I love most: the fact that this kid can sing, the fact he’s singing Bob Dylan, or that he’s tearing up that ukulele?

This is absolutely my favorite thing I’ve seen all week.

(shout/out Enthuzed for the euk find.)

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Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience Tracklist
Feb 2013 06

So it looks like JT is onto something with his investment in Stipple

Courtesy of the emerging technology company, we are

able to enjoy Justin’s surprise interactive

artwork, which announces his tracklist for The 20/20 Experience!
No need to delay your mounting excitement, so just… hover & enjoy…

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Fresh Musikk Wrap Up: Best Songs of 2012
Dec 2012 26

Like any year, there was a lot of great music in 2012. SO much so, that it is an incredibly daunting feat to put together a list of the best songs that made its way into our speakers.

Last year we narrowed it down to 10 songs, but this year I decided to switch it up and give an ode to 2012; Since I failed to shorten it to 12 songs also, I decided to anagram that sh*t and give you 21 stellar songs. Not only is it a fantastic amount for a playlist, but it’s also my favorite number. Therefore I’m using my authoritative power as FM’s founder to give you the 21 best songs of 2012!

21. “It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons made the transition from indie underground to radio smasher. As a semi-snobbish musikk blogger, I despise the majority of songs on the radio, but was prideful to know that good music still appeals to the masses.

20. “Hands on the Wheel” – ScHoolboy Q

I may have been a little late to the party, but this was the first ScHoolboy Q song that I fell in love with.  His lyrical delivery is consistent, unique, and achieves what thousands of others can only imitate.

19. “Kings & Queens” – Joseph SoMo

The Dallas kid shows off that southern appeal and pop star charm that makes “Kings & Queens” have ‘instant smash hit’ written all over it.

18. “Angels” – The xx

In the blogosphere, you can always tell the next major song when everyone and their mother remixes it; “Angels” took the cake this year, much like “Somebody That I Used To Know” rocked the waves in 2011.

17. “The Feeling” – The Knocks

The Knocks blew me away this year when I saw them live; they proved they are much more than just talented producers with their smooth vocals and exciting acoustic performances. “The Feeling” captures the fun loving party atmosphere and achieves maximum repeat-ability.

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The London – The Neighbourhood
Dec 2012 06

“Things that are black and white- ya know there’s not a grey zone; it’s just straightforward it’s honest, and that’s kinda our goal, our whole vibe.”

If you love

ght-fresh-musikk-interviews-the-neighbourhood/” target=”_blank”>The Neighbourhood as much as I do, than their latest short bio video will quickly stoke the fire and fuel your obsession. In true form, the edit is shot entirely in black and white and personifies their creativity that is clearly extended through all aspects of their day to day life. The snapshots of their newfound reality is simple in character but motivating in nature, due to how quickly this opportunity has evolved for them this past year.

With the clear, direct knowledge that this SoCal collective has charmed their way into people’s hearts & headphones, I can easily affirm that this is the band to take

away from 2012. As the year winds down, the holidays pull you this way and that – and your mind and earbuds become flooded with holiday music and end of year playlists – remember this: These guys are the takeaway. These guys created the lasting impression that paves the way for them to make more incredible music in the future.

So if nothing else, bring The Neighbourhood with you into the new year…

~ k.roth

The Neighbourhood /// Fresh Musikk

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Oh and one more thing boys…if you don’t make it to Boston for a show soon, I will start hatching a plan to kidnap you next time I’m in cali and force you to wow the crowds on the East Coast.

Also, hit it here to check out our interview with the guys last Spring.


Always Always Remember
Sep 2012 11

We say always remember as if it would be possible to forget.

We carry images of burning buildings, fiery explosions – snapshots of our world literally crumbling around us – to be left with dusty, ash-filled remnants of what used to be. The shattered shell frame of the buildings represented the hollow shells of ourselves, and what we had become those first few days after. After the numbness wore off, the pain invariably resided. Everywhere. Around every corner, behind every doorway, buried in every home, and within every heart.

Eleven years later and we are still rebuilding.

Rebuilding our city, rebuilding our preparedness, rebuilding our faith…

But we never had to fix our pride. It never wavered. The deep, profound strength of love that emerged was an admirable visceral reaction. To find love within terror, is something that we can always be proud of.

So don’t just remember those images. Remember the heroes, the neighbors, the friends & family, the complete and total strangers that united in love, determined to stand amidst the rubble.

“When the history books are written, the true legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division. It will be a safer world; a stronger nation; and a people more united than ever before.” – President Obama

What did you learn from 9/11?

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Exclusive Interview: Joseph SoMo Debuts “My Life”
Sep 2012 11

The last two years, mashups have quite literally exploded within the music scene. We found more and more people stepping out as dj’s who haphazardly mixed a random compilation of songs together and if it sounded good, then hey, it was a bonus.

But to simply categorize Texas-bred Joseph SoMo as a vocal ‘mash-up’ artist would be a disgrace to his talent. While SoMo emerged on the scene through his extremely popular medleys of The Weeknd and Drake songs, he captured my attention with his poptastic, all-original single, “Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)”. The song became the inaugural staple of my morning run playlist and I knew this kid had the ear, voice, and potential to hit the radio waves.

Today, SoMo released his debut mixtape entitled, My Life, that reflects exactly that…the experiences that have led him to where he is today. Get to know Joseph SoMo with our exclusive interview, as we discussed Texas, My Life, and his go-to love song.

(Also read on to download My Life for free!)

What started out as acoustic, R&B style remixes, has blossomed into all original songs and a blogosphere buzz about this kid from Texas- did you expect it to evolve so quickly?

I definitely had a feeling people would like the original tracks, but I admit I was surprised at the amount of support so fast.

Your debut mixtape, My Life, came out today, September 11th ; What does the project signify, and what did you set out to create?

At first, the idea of the mixtape, was to be a compilation of songs that showed my diversity as a songwriter and Cody as a producer/engineer. Then I realized I was basically writing a story of songs, that in a sense, showed my life over the past few years. All of the songs were written and recorded during July & August of this year with the exception of “Kings & Queens (Throw It Up)” and “Ride”. The main goal for everything I do or create with Cody and my brother is for it to be the best it can be. Growing up my mom always told me: “If your name is on it, then you should be proud of it.”

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Monday Morning Wake Up: Frank Ocean’s VMA Performance
Sep 2012 10
I can recap the Videa Music Awards in two words: Frank Ocean.
Frank Ocean may not have ‘won’ but he definitely won. With an incomparable performance that left an entire arena, and millions of viewers, speechless, there’s obviously not much else to say.
I could stream my over-opinionated thoughts regarding the rest of the VMA’s but let’s not take away from Ocean’s breathtaking moment…
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