‘The Bling Ring’ Soundtrack + Sofia Coppola Interview
Jun 2013 20

As I’m sure y’all know, Hermione Granger is transferring into Slytherin this weekend by way of Sofia Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring. (Translation: Emma Watson sheds her good-girl image by bumping blow and robbing celebs in Coppola’s latest film, The Bling Ring). 

What you may not know is that Sofia Coppola, apart from being an incredible director, also has bomb taste in music. I mean, she is married to Thomas Mars of Phoenix, after all. The soundtrack to The Bling Ring features M.I.A., Rye Rye, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Sleigh Bells, Azealia Banks, Frank Ocean and, of course, Phoenix, among talented others.

I sat down with Coppola to discuss her film, the celebrity-obsessed culture we live in, social media, and, of course, the soundtrack! You can read my entire interview with Sofia here.

Be sure to check out The Bling Ring as it hits theaters nationwide this weekend. In the meantime, you can stream the soundtrack below!

<3 Hazzard

Classixx – Hanging Gardens
Jun 2013 07

Last week my life was basically made complete when I finally saw The Presets live for the first time. To add icing on the cake, another of my fav pop groups, Dragonette, was opening for them… and opening for them was Classixx! I mean, could it get any better?

Well, I’m remiss to say that due to an extremely long work day and a fellow concert-goer being late, my crew missed seeing Classixx when they took the stage at 8pm last Tuesday (that said, 8pm is really early & it was almost impossible to pregame AND make it to the show in time).

While I’m upset I missed them live, I’ve been listening to them non-stop since. Hanging Gardens is an album chalk-full of cool dance tracks in the vein of Grum, Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories and Flight Facilities. That’s right, it’s breezy, disco-inspired dance music perfect for summer.

Fav tracks:  “All You’re Waiting For” (feat. Nancy Whang), “I’ll Get You” (feat. Jeppe), “Holding On,” “Borderline” (feat. Jessie Kivel).

Stream below & cheap lasix enjoy!

<3 Hazzard

PS- In case you’re wondering: Yes, The Presets were absolutely EVERYTHING live.

Classixx // Fresh Musikk Facebook ~ Fresh Musikk Twitter

Koncert Review: Icona Pop @ Troubadour in West Hollywood
Feb 2013 24

On Saturday, February 16th, Swedish bombshells Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, better known by their stage name, Icona Pop, invaded Los Angeles and turned the famous Troubadour a dirty dance party of epic proportions.

The Troubadour is never tame, but it is an intimate venue that is typically unaccustomed to the glow stick, rave-worthy show that Icona Pop put on for a sold-out crowd.

The audience was brimming with anticipation as Jawo and Hjelt entered from either side of that stage and made their way towards the center where their soundboards and laptops awaited. Looking flawlessly rave-chic in feathered vests and leather skirts, Jawo and Hjelt were a perfect reflection of the dance hungry crowd who’d come armed with glow sticks and a ferocious appetite for house-pop.

Opening with their monstrous hit, “Manners,” the women worked the crowd into a frenzy with their stage presence and made each concertgoer feel apart of the show. Between dancing like

a maniac and shouting their poppy lyrics, “take a second look and you’ll see, there is no one like me,” I became completely immersed in Icona’s world.

Adjusting the songs off their Iconic Pop EP into lengthier dance numbers, the performance was a continuous dance party that only intensified

as it went along.

Despite their mics being a little too low for my taste, the synths and bass were at an optimum level. When Jawo and Hjelt sang “Good For You,” the crowd bounced along with friendly familiarity. Singing along to such scorned lyrics as “you love my love, you never gonna find better love; you hate my love because you’re dead without it,” my heart was filled with pop-fueled admiration.

Icona Pop put their own spin on “It’s My Party,” followed by my favorite kiss-off song of the year, “Top Rated.” I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that I lost my shit when “Ready for the Weekend” came on and Hjelt addressed the crowd, saying: “Playing here for you guys is very awesome for us.”

Icona’s encore began with “We Got The World” and transitioned smoothly into their hit “I Love It,” which is exactly when I, along with countless others, jumped on stage to finish the set with the most exciting electro-pop act out of Sweden since Robyn.

I left the Troubadour with stars in my eyes, a smile on my face and my shirt saturated with sweat. It was everything.

<3 Hazzard

Icona Pop Facebook ~ Twitter // Fresh Musikk Facebook ~ Twitter


Koncert Review: Feed Me @ The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA
Feb 2013 15

While men and women across America were out wining, dining, kissing, and cuddling last night, I found my own romance in

a British boy named Jon, better known by his stage name, “Feed Me.”  It was love at first bite.

Feed Me revealed that he’d been in the hospital earlier that morning with meningitis, but still made it to the show.  Love that.  Furthermore, I have a different level of respect for DJs who produce all their own music rather than sampling and remixing other artists’ songs.  Feed Me has a unique sound, blending elements of drum and bass, dubstep, and electrohouse.

He played

some of his older beats such as “Whiskers,” “Strange Behavior,” and “Embers.”  The first highlight of the night was when he dropped “One Click Headshot,” which created a violent dance party.  As much as I enjoy Feed Me’s music, his lightshows are equally impressive; last night his teeth-shaped light set was in full force.  My second favorite memory was his lightshow during “Death By Robot,” which featured a tiny possessed Android-looking monster dancing toward the crowd.

I’m pretty stuffed after last night’s performance, but I know what I’ll be listening to during today’s road trip down to LA.  I’ll always be hungry for Feed Me.

– T.I.M.


Justin Timberlake Can Do No Wrong: Stream &amp;quot;Mirrors&amp;quot;
Feb 2013 11

As if last night’s Grammy’s performance wasn’t enough, JT once again proves he can do no wrong, and releases his second single, “Mirrors.”

With hints of the always epic, “Cry Me A River,” lacing the beat, Timbaland modernizes what will be an instant heartbreaking smash, going two for two on Justin’s comeback tour. The eight minute song solidifies exactly what Justin is trying to do: redefine and create great pop music. Somehow, somewhere it got lost amidst the genre blending static – which 90% is a great thing to see – but in the pop genre, originality has been lacking.

Last night, I felt like I was fourteen years old again as I sat back in awe every time JT popped up on my screen – trying to contain my giddy excitement, and once again realizing why no guy will ever live up to my unreasonable expectation of the perfect man. You guys can thank Timberlake for that one.

If there ever was reason for a Rick Ross grunt it’s now, because he’s

back and sexy’s with him. Ughnnn.

Fresh Musikk


The 20/20 Experience is out March 19th….go on and declare it a national holiday already…

Kai The Homefree Hero Is The Most Interesting Person Ever
Feb 2013 07

Kai wins the most interesting man of the year award.

Talk about intriguing – this homefree dude has captivated the attention of people all over the

world. By now, you have all seen his hilariously epic interview that went viral earlier this week, surrounding his heroic actions that saved peoples lives. What’s even more newsworthy than his bizarre hithchiking, hatchet suh-mashing story is the character of this wandering vagabond himself.

Since his celebrity status ignited, a video has surfaced of Kai jamming on the beach with some Canadians in Vernon BC. I don’t know what I love most: the fact that this kid can sing, the fact he’s singing Bob Dylan, or that he’s tearing up that ukulele?

This is absolutely my favorite thing I’ve seen all week.

(shout/out Enthuzed for the euk find.)

Fresh Musikk

Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience Tracklist
Feb 2013 06

So it looks like JT is onto something with his investment in Stipple

Courtesy of the emerging technology company, we are

able to enjoy Justin’s surprise interactive

artwork, which announces his tracklist for The 20/20 Experience!
No need to delay your mounting excitement, so just… hover & enjoy…

Fresh Musikk


Porter Robinson and Seven Lions @ The Warfield – San Francisco, CA
Feb 2013 06

Although my last visit to the Warfield was, let’s say, less than memorable, this time around was much improved.  Immediately when I entered the venue, I could feel the tension as rave-clad ladies and gents in their mid-twenties (okay, teens too)

itched to pump their fists and shuffle across the dance floor.  I’m glad I wasn’t the only eager one.

Seven Lions took the stage and within five minutes everyone had forgotten they’d come to see

Porter Robinson.  Either that or they thought he was Porter Robinson, I couldn’t tell which.  It didn’t matter, though.  All that mattered was the bright lights and bangin’ beats.  Seven Lions wasn’t on my radar prior to this weekend but I’ve since downloaded much of his work.  Check out his song “Fractals.”

Porter took over the reigns after a much-appreciated dub-set by Seven Lions.  He opened with “Easy,” the Matt Zo Collaboration. At his first heavy drop, I could feel beer and whiskey gingers raining from the sky as riled ravers tossed their drinks into the air.  His set pinnacled with “Say My Name,” and the crowd once again went nuts.  From there the night got hazy but all I know is I never stopped moving and by night’s end I was drenched in booze, sweat and tears of joy.  Porter gets better and better each time I see him, and if you’ve never listened to one of his full live mixes I highly recommend consulting Google.com.  Here’s his BBC Radio One Essential Mix.  Enjoy!



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