Acoustic: "Nirvana" – Sam Smith
Oct 2013 07

Music moves me. It inspires me to write, reflect, dance, and even attempt to sing along with more than subpar vocals.

Sam Smith is never one to disappoint, and his vocals have that funny ability to stop me in my tracks, while defining that (figuratively) moving sensation. His latest acoustic venture tackles “Nirvana”, and promotes his recently released EP of the same name. His vocal range seems incomparable among many of his peers today. It may be a bit slower, but hey, it’s Monday, so go ahead and ease into your week.

Sam Smith ~ Fresh Musikk



Co-Debut: The Neighbourhood –  "No Grey" & The 1975 – "Milk"
Jun 2013 05

I’ve been lucky enough to see both The Neighbourhood and The 1975 live; both groups are rising stars in the indie rock sector, and captivate their audiences through their unique stylings, which have turned into signature sounds.

The joint post attributes to The Neighbourhood releasing three limited split 7″ singles, each of which will feature new releases from their supporting acts: Lovelife, The 1975, and JMSN.

The latest brings “No Grey” from nbhd, and “Milk” from The 1975. “No Grey” is the quintessential nbhd song, with moody, mysterious vibes, and dark undertones; and subsequently, “Milk” reflects The 1975’s uptempo, British, indie rock!

The Neighbourhood ~ The 1975 ~ Fresh Musikk

Free Mixtape: "Radio Surfer" – JohnThat
Mar 2013 11

JohnThat first came at us back in the summer with a fantastic rendition of Biggie’s legendary track, “Juicy”, and now he’s back with his debut mixtape, Radio Surfer.

His laid back style exudes sunshine through your speakers, as we anxiously head into Springtime, searching for warmer weather! Well f*ck that groundhog that told us Spring was coming early, as we’ve now endured 3 major blizzards – I’m taking JT with me to warm up.

His style incorporates musical influences from the likes of Slightly Stoopid and The Dirty Heads, while combining pop, reggae, and island loving sounds.

I’m digging his style, and will be interested to watch him as he continues to develop; Some standouts for me were “All Love”, “Juicy”, “She Gimme That”, and “The Calmdown.” I didn’t enjoy all the downtime chatter between songs though – just gimme

the music boi! That being said, the kid’s onto something…

Download Radio Surfer for free here!

JohnThat ~ Fresh Musikk

Cherub – 100 Bottles EP
Mar 2013 07

Cherub gave me an early birthday present yesterday when they released their new EP, 100 Bottles via 

Of course

I wasted absolutely no time popping the top off this EP like it was a 1825 Perrier-Jouët, and let me tell you, every musical drop is delectable. The opening track, “Heartbreaker,” has irresistible lyrics that most of us can relate to (I mean, you either 1. are that bougie-ass bitch, 2. know a bougie-ass bitch, or 3. secretly aspire to be that bougie-ass bitch), but however you slice it, the song is an amazing jam to dance to.

Other favorite tracks on the EP include “Do I (Where We Are)” and “Promise,” which both ooze

their own flavor of funk and evoke a different emotional response. “Do I” is an ode to the end of a relationship, wherein each party is partitally responsible for the demise of love, and yet it’s impossible not to dance along to the sweet feeling of libiration that accompanies any split (there is always a silver lining, and if at first you can’t see it, perhaps you’re not looking hard enough).

For me, “Promise” ushers in feelings of nostalgia and memories of people, both presently in my life and in my past, who are very dear to my heart. We cannot predict what the future may hold, nor can we ever promise that we will not change, but we can always hold onto the memories that we have.

Stream the full EP below!

<3 Hazzard

Musikk Video: &amp;amp;quot;Chocolate&amp;amp;quot; – The 1975
Feb 2013 19

the 1975 are like the British counterpart to The Neighbourhood – which might

be why I love them so much. They both exude a British rock attitude; the love black and white; and have stolen my musically beating heart.

The 1975 understand sex appeal, and incorporate a healthy dose into every song. And what goes better with sexiness than “Chocolate”?

The band released their sensual black and white video contrasting the colorful, upbeat song. The group must have agreed, because the ending scene leaves you

with a thoughtful quest…

“Poetry is in the streets in full living color.”

The 1975 ~ Fresh Musikk

&amp;amp;quot;Ignition (Remix)- R. Kelly (James Dalby Cover)
Jan 2013 31

This is absolutely what every single one of you NEEDS. It’s


Forget all your troubles, stresses, and trivial drama; forget that it’s snowing/sleeting/tornado-ing/monsooning where you live; and forget that you have to wait a few more days until you can gorge yourself into a stupor on Superbowl Sunday.

THIS, makes everything better.

James Dalby casually comes up big with one of the best covers we’ve heard

in a while. His effortlessly awesome voice, and laid back charm have us hooked with this “Ignition (Remix)” golden deliciousness.

Hit those high notes, boy.

Fresh Musikk

New Album: &amp;quot;Live from the Artists Den: 2012&amp;quot;
Jan 2013 02

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Artists Den is a television series in its fifth season that “pairs world-class musicians with unique venues to create once-in-a-lifetime concerts.” The show airs weekly concerts on Public Television and this album is a compilation of the artists who performed this past fall.

The featured musicians range from Norah Jones and Kid Rock to Death Cab for Cutie and The Wallflowers. This album has such a unique blend of sounds that I think it could appeal to literally anyone.

My favorite tracks off of it are Kid Rock’s “Born Free” which is reminiscent of a Springsteen sound and Amos Lee’s “Street Corner Preacher.”

Other songs that deserve an honorable mention would

be Mayer Hawthorne’s soulful song “The Walk” and Norah Jones’ “Say Goodbye.”

Go to this website or iTunes to check out the album:

The Artists Den

And become a fan of them on Facebook to learn about upcoming concerts and their TV schedule:

The Artists Den Facebook


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&amp;quot;Clarity&amp;quot; – Zedd feat. Foxes (Acoustic Version)
Dec 2012 20

A lot of the times I find that behind the catchy party beats of electronic music lies a powerhouse vocal.

Take “Clarity” by Zedd, for example.  Definitely has the qualities of a great electronic song – bangin’ beats, a perfect drop, and all the electronic flair to make it a perfect party song.  See for yourself below.

But the vocals from Foxes are pretty spectacular as well.  When does this really become evident?  Well, when you strip away those electronic beats, leaving only the vocals and

the piano.  Then Foxes’ vocals become the driving force of the song, and boy, can she sing.  You pay more attention to the lyrics and the song’s composure.  What was once a party song transforms into a heartfelt piano ballad.

Now this is not to say that I don’t like the electronic version of the song.  The acoustic version just provides a different perspective…and it’s beautiful.

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