Cris Cab’s Smooth Entourage
Feb 2012 21

So Cris Cab surrounded himself with a pretty baller entourage.

I’m sure not many other 19 year old kids would be complaining… “Rihanna’s Gun” was a clear favorite off of Cab’s recent mixtape, Echo Boom, which aptly started off with a bang, or should I say BOOM. Tonight he will complete his “Snowstorm” tour in Missoula, where he toured alongside Gym Class Heroes, T-Pain, and Outasight.

I can attest that this soon to be teenage heartthrob is phenomenal live. I saw him perform with my boys, Aer (who will be dropping a new song and video tomorrow), about 9 months ago in a small, barely filled bar in Boston; With a total of 20 people in the audience, the kid performed like there were thousands, and his live vocals are equally as impressive.

Get your reggae vibe on.

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“Mr. Policeman” by The Movement
Feb 2012 22

Thanks to my boys at Enthuzed, I’ve been bumping this for about a week now.

The Movement provides a typical reggae/rock sound that breaks up the hip hop, indie, & dubstep beats that although I enjoy, get tired of hearing on a day to day, hourly, consistent basis; This quartet brings me back to my high school days when I solely listened to reggae, jam bands, and classic rock, and subsequently, these guys infuse majority of those elements.

“Mr. Policeman” had me hooked from the second I heard it, and while the song itself is nicely done, with signature reggae stylings, it elicits a feeling of calmness that made me hit repeat, over- and over- and over again.

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Nobody Is Doing It Quite Like Aer
Feb 2012 22


Carter and Dave release “Smoove Bruh”, accompanied by the best visuals we’ve seen yet, produced by #FAMily team member, Matt Miggz. The track reflects their signature laid-back sound, which while it may be typical of them, once again reminds everyone that no one else is providing this kind of multi-genre, reggae infused sound as well as they are.

David gets his nerd on in this video, and Aer and the crew showcase some smooth smoove dance moves at the end; So whether you’re sitting around in class, ‘working’, or ready to chill, snap those headphones on and let the boys set the mellowness.

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All About the Rock City
Mar 2012 12

I said it once, and I’ll say it again.  You will soon be listening to Rock City (or Planet VI) on the radio, but the Caribbean duo must be patient and dig themselves out of their Konvict mess first.  That mess does not seem to be holding them back from making consistent, good music.  About a month back I posted a song they demoed, ‘Head in the Sky’ by Rihanna and now it’s ‘Twice My Age’ by Sean Kingston.  They bring their Caribbean background into this song, just in time for the beautiful weather to roll into the Northeast.  I haven’t seen where this song is going to appear yet, but we will keep you posted.

I had to throw another track from the them titled ‘Together’ which came out about a year ago, but this is the final and mastered version.

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“Wonderin’ Why”, Aer
Apr 2012 03

Last fall, the Wayland duo released “Wonderin’ Why” as their first single off of their debut album, What You Need, showcasing Carter’s quick spits, and Dave’s smooth flow; The EP reached #1 on the iTunes hip hop chart, a hugely proud moment for the entire #FAM, and the twosome has only continued to grow since then.

Creative Director, Matt Miggz, shot and edited their new music video for “Wonderin’ Why” which was shot in Boston, MA, as you can tell by Dave’s epic, old school sweatshirt; And if you’ve ever been to a show, it should come at no surprise that Carter goes shirtless, so ladies, keep it together.

Hope to see you all at Aer’s show at the Paradise Rock Club, this Saturday in Boston, MA; This will be their biggest hometown headliner yet, and will for sure be a show you don’t want to miss. Get your tickets here!

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Apr 2012 25

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE SANTIGOLD. Her first album, Santogold, contained epic musical concoctions “L.E.S. Artistes” & “Creator.” I’m beyond thrilled to report that Santi’s follow-up album, while it took it’s sweet-ass time to get to my ears, delivers. It’s classic Santi with drips & drops of EMD, Indie-pop, new reggae and hip-hop goodness that bubbles up from her ferocious mouth and streams it’s magic throughout your entire being.

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Music Video Monday: “What You Need”, Aer
Apr 2012 30

The boys are back with a new music video for the title track off their EP, “What You Need.” The video was shot by Exodus Productions in the studio at Syracuse, watching the guys do their thing; The black and white effects reflect the easy going vibe that Carter & Dave have become known for, and their laidback personalities.

The perfect track to lead you into your week!

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“Hard Drugs” – Stick Figure
May 2012 31

I gotta be honest…I’m legitimately pissed off that I’m inside at work on arguably the most perfect beach day of the year so far; Especially because I have not gotten to beach it in the Dux yet this summer, but maybe Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure has!

Although we’ve both moved away from our hometown of Duxbury, MA, Stick Figure’s signature reggae vibes, reflect the happy , lazy beach town that we grew up in; His new single, “Hard Drugs” is featured off his 5th album, Burial Ground, which is due out later this month.

So if you are not one of the lucky unemployed ones, or a student who has summers off, or even better, a kid who’s ‘working’ as a lifegaurd for the next three months- then what the hell, get outside during your lunch break, grab a beer, and enjoy these vibes as the rays soak in.

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