Make Everyday "Go Skateboarding Day" ~ Powered by Vita Coco
Jun 2013 21

Make Every Day Go Skateboarding Day Powered by VitaCoco from JTwo Films on Vimeo.

Some people are just effortlessly cool. Me? Not so much. But hey, a girl can dream.

The guys in this video make it look easy…how, you ask? Because they are doing what they love

So in honor of Go Skateboarding Day, get out there and do what do you do – whatever that may be…And enjoy this video, and easy jams along the way. Music courtesy of Les Professionnels, and their edit of Charles Bradley’s, “The World Is Going Up In Flames.”

“Go Skateboarding Day has become a day for skaters everywhere to get together with friends and celebrate not only the official start to Summer, but also the one day of the year where parks and streets seem to be all theirs. But for a lot of people Go Skate Day is just another day of the week. So we followed Philadelphia skater, Kyle Nicholson, through a day in the life of someone who makes everyday Go Skateboarding Day. “

Huge props to my Vita Coco friends down in Philly who executed this edit flawlessly.

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See About A Dream EP – Terence Ryan
Mar 2013 29

We’re big fans of Terence over here. We’ve watched him come onto the scene and grow his talent into something unique and covetable.

If I wasn’t such a shameworthy music blogger, I would have shared this with you the day it came out, but forgive me of my sins and let’s get down to the good stuff…

His music.

Terence Ryan’s latest EP, See About A Dream, buy viagra proves yet again that he is consistant and has the ability to create depth in his music.

His lyrics and sound have substance – plain and simple.

“Leaving Abaddon” and “Pick Pocket” do it big for me, as a subtle aggressiveness breaks through the melancholic tone – breaking the tension, and giving in to the emotions.

I watched Terence’s acoustic session from our joint collaboration with the Enthuzed crew, earlier today, and am happy to say that he has grown yet remained the same in all the best ways.

Terence Ryan ~ Fresh Musikk

PS – For those of you that hold Good Will Hunting to be one of the greatest movies of our time, than shame on you if you don’t immediately think of the “See About A Girl” line.

"Lady, You Shot Me" – Har Mar Superstar
Mar 2013 19

Sometimes you just gotta wake up with some soul in the morning.

Har Mar Superstar brings it in his latest track, “Lady, You Shot Me”, giving us that old school vibe from the Motown era, mixed with modern day rock & roll. I truly beleive anyone can appreciate this kind of music, if only for the fact that we rarely get to hear it anymore. It comes as no surprise that I’m a sucker for it, as I constantly crave some raw, passionate vocals that make you momentarily

forget all those post-grad problems…

Har Mar Superstar ~ Fresh Musikk

"Dreamcatcher" – mdnt ft. Jez Dior
Feb 2013 26

The easiest way for

me to accurately describe “Dreamcatcher” is to compare it to food; it’s like a seven layer dip – you can taste all those individual layers, where each brings a certain element of flavor, but then they unite as an entirely new creation as a whole.

mdnt (pronounced “midnight”) is a Brooklyn based artist who shares his neo-soul vibe on his first official single, “Dreamcatcher,” where he teamed up with Jez Dior, who adds another layer to the song with his sharp lyrical delivery. The individual pieces are united over Smarterchild’s synthy and energized production, which drives the flow of the track. On top of all that, Collin Kelly adds his creative input through the video, which is simplistic in scenery, but intricate with detail.

Free Download

mdnt ~ Fresh Musikk



"It's Not Over" – Panama
Nov 2012 19

Sometimes it’s hard to categorize a song in a musical sense…especially on a Monday.

I know Panama’s latest song weaves in and out of the aisles of genres, grabbing influences from indie pop-rock, and a splash of bubbly, pulsing production, but I’m having trouble finding the right words to describe it.

“Steeped in splashes of yacht rock, hopeful house music and an avid appreciation for the ʻ80s, Panama make music that is as brimming with a quiet, golden nostalgia as it is bright and anthemic in its delivery.”

The Aussie band beautifully pens a statement that would elicit a pleasant calm from its obvious poetry…on any other day of the week. But today, the meaning is lost behind my sleepy eyelids.

So why should you listen to “It’s Not Over”? Well to state an obvious reason, no one is doing indie pop-rock better then our musical family in Australia.

And another reason?

Because the soft sung vocals just get you today. It just gets you. So go on and do you, and realize this Monday is getting you a step closer to your Thanksgiving feast!

Panama/// Fresh Musikk

"I've Never Seen A Ghost" – GOVS
Oct 2012 24

Oh baby.

At first I thought this song was going to be a sweet, mellow song that was good – but lacked that standout feature.

Luckily, I was wrong, and a little over a minute in, Josiah Birrells of GOVS, ups the falsetto and captures my full attention. “I’ve Never Seen A Ghost” personifies the airiness of a spirit through it’s lo-fi production and dreamlike vibe. The ethereal voices that are interlaced throughout the middle of the song also enhance the dream like quality, making this an easy choice for my Wednesday morning.

GOVS  /// Fresh Musikk

Musikk Video: “Ride” – Lana Del Rey
Oct 2012 12

“I am fucking crazy. But I am free.”

It’s almost painful to see how tragically beautiful Ms. Del Ray is – to the point that her looks almost distract us away from her music. Her sultry, somber voice is incomparable in today’s industry, and her pouty lips make her words believable. Whether the lyrics relate to her life or not, the girl can play the part well.

Like her other videos, “Ride” is dark, overridden with emotion, and directed with a big screen storyline and a sense of grandeur.

Since it’s Friday, and productivity is usually lacking, I strongly encourage you to take ten minutes to watch the short in its entirety – simply because Ms. Lana is captivating.

“Just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean… I belonged to no one but belonged to everyone – who had nothing, who wanted everything… With a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that terrified me to the point that I couldn’t even talk about it.”

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Musikk Video: “Maybe You” – Saint Lou Lou
Oct 2012 11

Oh my God.

This may be one of the most beautiful music videos I’ve ever watched; The stark black and white contrasts, slow-motion cinematography, gorgeous actors, and visually stunning images bring Saint Lou Lou’s song, “Maybe You”, to an entirely other level.

Thanks to the talents of director, Philippe Tempelman, it appears simplistic yet so intricate at the same time – all while evoking a sensual mood, riddled with lust, heartbreak, sadness, and a momentous rebirth.

The vocals from Saint Lou Lou’s somber, angelic song are visually designed to reflect the sparing beauty that’s embedded within heartbreak; That beauty is your strength – the strength to move forward and be happy again.

How does this video make you feel?

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PS – Shout out to all my other swimstar biddies who are being repped within beautifully stroked shots throughout the video – man, I miss swimming.

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