Poolside – "If We Make It"
Jun 2013 14

Poolside first caught my ear with their 2012 album, Pacific Standard Time, and have been a staple in my summertime playlists ever since. Breezy beats, cool lyrics and warm vibes make Poolside a standout in my mind.

Poolside’s latest, “If We Make It,” does not depart from the sound they worked so hard to master in Pacific Standard Time.  Retro percussion perfectly compliments the modest synths and funky bass to glorious effect. It’s getting hot out… do yourself a favor and slip out of purchase viagra without a prescription those uncomfortable clothes and dive into this cool summer sound.

<3 Hazzard

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Knightlife, “Without Love”
Oct 2012 12

Knightlife has cut a deep disco hole in my heart and I’m loving every second of it! Already featured on The Vitalic Noise ‘Family Ties’ Mixtape, Knightlife just released his newest creation, “Without Love,” via Cutter Records (Yes, the same record company as my favorite band, Cut Copy). His infusion of futuristic disco sounds will have you bouncin’ on the dance floor, in your car or in the bedroom with your favorite biddy (or biddies, play on players).

Futuristic sounding nu-disco has taken hold of me in the past 3-4 years. Maybe it’s the shitty, never-ending recession, but I think that bubbly dance tracks like this are society’s antidote to this bitch of a depression. Our economy may be low, but our spirits are sure to stay high with music like this! Knightlife is projected to have a record drop in 2013, but in the meantime enjoy “Without Love” for just a taste of what’s to come.

<3 Hazzard

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Fresh Musikk: Freedom Fall, September Playlist 2012
Oct 2012 03

Okay, fine Mother Nature. There’s been a string of 60-something degree days, a cool breeze, and fading daylight; It’s official, fall has arrived.

Our september playlist is a combination of breezy tracks, and bubbly anthems that strived to keep the summer sun shining. The 27 song set features some of the best songs we featured on Fresh Musikk over the last month including: Sun City, G – Eazy, Y Luv, Kanye &amp; crew, The Knocks, Four Tet, Action Bronson, Party Supplies and more. Whew. Basically a long list of talent that gets you pumped to hear what comes on next!

So while all the girls at school or work may be wearing more clothes, and the appearance of boardshort clad bros is slim- at least you can throw on this playlist this weekend with the hopes of wearing less clothes by the end of the night…

~k.roth & fam

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(The playlist below is glitchy – click here to stream the Spotify playlist in its entirety.)



[Free Download] The Vitalic Noise ‘Family Ties’ Mixtape
Oct 2012 02

While it may be apparent that fall is upon us for many of you, the same cannot be said for all my party ponies in LA. It’s 100 degrees today. It has been 100 degrees for the past week. I don’t have central air. I. Am. Dying.

Since Mother Nature thinks it’s acceptable to relapse back into summer, the only thing we in the Southland can do is roll with the punches & bring out some summery, nu-disco jams to help get us through this unrelenting heatwave. Hey, if we’re going to melt we may as well do it listening to something that will make us feel more “chill,” right?  The Vitalic Noise ‘Family Ties’ Mixtape is the musical equvilant to opening the freezer door & unabashedly sticking your head in to cool off: it’s AMAZING!

To celebrate the re-launch of the Vitalic Noise music brand, this esteemed music management company has blessed us with Family Ties Mixtape above, mixing together their top talent, including: Miami Horror, Goldroom, Viceroy, DCUP, Grafton Primary, Knightlife, Chela, and Good Night Keaton. Can’t get much cooler than that!

Stay fresh & cool,

<3 Hazzard

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The Magician – Magic Tape Twenty-Five
Sep 2012 06

Back to school time is killer, right? While it may seem less-than-ideal, transitioning from the dog-days of summer to fall is part of life. Whatever, the fall is fun! Whether you’re going back to school, increasing your productivity at work, or just transitioning to a new season; September is  very magical month! What better way to celebrate Autumn’s magic than with Magic Tape Twenty-Five?!

Here at Fresh Musikk, we understand that change is hard, so we’re bringing you some great music to ease you into your September groove. Conjured up by The Magician himself, Magic Tape Twenty-Five supplies you with over an hour of musical bliss. The Magician likes to keep all his tricks hidden up his sleeve, so the track-list is not shared, but it sure is enjoyable! Take a listen and indulge in all the magic that this fall is sure to bring.

<3 Hazzard

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A B & The Sea – In The Sunshine (MyKill Remix)
Sep 2012 05

Hot Damn, MyKill! Summer may be over, but that does not mean that we can’t keep dancing “In The Sunshine,” and with this MyKill masterpiece, that’s exactly what we plan to keep doing!

A B & The Sea’s “In The Sunshine” has some nu-disco magic sprinkled into it by our favorite producer in The Bay and reminds us that the best summer is an Indian Summer. Keep that sunshine burning inside you by grabbing the free download above!

<3 Hazzard

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Young Empires – We Don’t Sleep Tonight (ColeCo Extended Mix)
Aug 2012 28

Toronto native ColeCo has defined my summer 2012. His remixes, plus the incredible El Verano EP, are nu-disco perfection that make me crave a frosty drink, a cool pool, and some great friends. In all honesty, it’s like musical endorphins– to elevate my mood I just get down with ColeCo.

Check out ColeCo’s extended remix of “We Don’s Sleep Tonight” by Young Empires above! It’s a wonderful jam that drips with nostalgia–bringing me back to those nights where you’re really living life with your friends, when suddenly y’all realize the sun is rising. It’s a perfect feeling with the right people.

<3 Hazzard

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Midi Matilda – Love & The Movies (MyKill Remix)
Jul 2012 31

MyKill has quickly become a Fresh Musikk favorite! This powerhouse producer out of San Francisco has been churning out killer remix after killer remix, and we are so pleased to present his latest work of art: Midi Matilda’s “Love & The Movies” remix! MyKill has perfected the art of not losing any of the song’s original indi-pop goodness, but rather amplifies the song with new-wave synths that make it even more perfect for summertime lovin’. Enjoy!

<3 Hazzard

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