M83 'Wait' Official Video
Dec 2012 14

M83’s critically acclaimed and widely beloved album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, came out in October of 2011, yet it’s success and imprint on our culture continues to endure. The album has subtlely entrenched itself into pop culture: into TV commercials and radio play, cinematic montages and critical acclaim (nominated for Best Alternative Album at the 55th Grammy Awards).

Personally, I think the album’s success stems from the beautiful vision in which it was conceived. Each song seems to be a sublime recollection of a dream. It is an emotional ode to that dream’s deep-rooted meaning and far-reaching potential. It brings the listener to a place where creativity is abundant, curiosity is rewarded, and nearly everything has an air of mystique.

The musikk video for their hauntingly beautiful song, “Wait,” was released yesterday. It is a stunning video to behold. Allow M83 to either transport you back to a time in your life when

imagination was abound, or to catapult your mind forward to a place of creative majesty.

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;quot;In No Time&amp;quot; – Pierce Fulton Remix
Dec 2012 12

“Where’s that sunrise you’ve been waiting for?”

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Is this it?

Yea, if that’s not enough of a reason to get your early morning run in, than I don’t know what is…

Pierce Fulton has been a standout producer this year, creating one of my favorite remixes with “West Egg”,  and now his

latest track might trump it. Fulton remixes Mutemath’s track, “In No Time”, taking his serene vocals and laying them over a subtle percussion driven beat.

Pierce excels in chillwave creations that leave you in a mellow, dream-like state…

Pierce Fulton /// Fresh Musikk

Shout out to Dan for sending it over!

&amp;quot;Fallin' Love&amp;quot; – BenZel
Dec 2012 10

Today I got my first dose of BenZel – two Japanese kids tweens incredibly impressive teenagers – who released a progressive, uptempo beat called “Fallin’ Love.” To say it is catchy would be an understatement, and this is easily the best thing about your Monday; So whether you enjoyed an easy, sunny start to the week, or enduring a rainy, exhausting Mondaze, take a minute and make your day that much better…

You can also be thankful that their sock venture failed, which led to their musical exploration & adventure.

” After many failed attempts to create a hypoallergenic ankle sock, they decided to put their efforts toward other creative ventures. Following hours of soul searching; they

decided to start BenZel…they’ve been working on it since yesterday.”

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&amp;quot;We Come Running&amp;quot; – Youngblood Hawke (The Knocks Remix)
Nov 2012 29

Ugh baby. This is exactly what I needed today – A brand new remix from

The Knocks of Youngblood Hawke’s, “We Come Running.” While the original was an undoubtedly great song, everyone can use a little refresh once in a while; And like everything the Brooklyn duo creates, it’s simply just right.

With a slight dance party vibe that maintains the integrity of the indie pop song, it invigorates some excitement into  your day – reminding you that if you’re up for it, the weekend starts tonight baby.

The Knocks /// Fresh Musikk

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&quot;While We're In Love&quot; – Viceroy ft. Ghost Beach
Nov 2012 15

I didn’t even need to listen to the song to know that Viceroy’s latest single that features Ghost Beach’s vocals was going to be good. You’re combining one DJ who’s mantra is, “summertime all the time”, and a duo who categorizes their music as tropical grit pop. Summertime + tropical = strawberry daquiri overload, or in this case, positive, sunny vibrations.

I’m pretty sure it’s the first day this year that Boston temps have broken the negative degree mark. “Icicles” will be my word of the day. My body limbs are icicles. My toe-sys are icicles. You’re an icicle.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it is really cold over here, and “While We’re In Love” is helping to thaw me out. I may even make my computer background a warm, tropical, beach-like setting. Watch out, it’s getting wild over here.

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Musikk Video: &amp;quot;Do You Love Me Like You Used To?&amp;quot; – Best Coast
Nov 2012 12

I have only heard phenomenal things about shows at The Santa Monica Pier and would love to see a concert there. In Best Coast’s newest musikk video for “Do You Love Me Like You Used To?”,  the group combines concert footage from the pier with feel-good shots of LA couples and their signs of love.

My favorite couple is where the girl claim’s she “stalked him for a whole year” – repping the female race in true fashion. The song and video perk up your sleepy eyelids, and combat that 2:30 feeling; And like any Monday, we’re all just searching for some smiles to break through those weekend withdrawal symptoms.

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Sunnies Friday: &amp;quot;Sex&amp;quot; – The 1975 (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Nov 2012 09

If you’re going to title your debut EP, “Sex”, then you better be damn sure that you can create songs that people want to have sex to.

Show us that musical progression from the very first chord that somehow just makes your pants miraculously come off, causing you to seriously wonder if you were even wearing pants in the first place; Or eliciting that superpower that every boy wishes he had that makes a bra clasp instantaneously pop open – because God knows that 24 year old boys still shouldn’t struggle with this very basic, everyday technology.

So boys, go ahead and thank Ryan Hemsworth for remixing The 1975’s aptly titled song, “Sex”, and get your Friday night started.

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Sunnies Friday is dedicated to everyone out there who is rewarded by Thursday with a hangover Friday morning; The song dedicated to the cause will be inspirational, easy to listen to, and help you be on the mend for your friday night which starts in a few short hours.

&quot;Walls&quot; – Terence Ryan
Nov 2012 01

Terence Ryan is most definitely one of our top new artists of 2012. Easily.

We had the great pleasure of hanging out with the kid this summer and saw his passion shine through in true form. This young artist is mature beyond his years, and consistently proves that quality is greater than quantity.

After months of flying under the radar, Terence is back with his latest single, “Walls”, which like all of his other songs, is written, produced, and recorded by Terence himself. The all-original track showcases his slightly darker musical stylings, and subdued vocals; The compilation is perfect for a reflective mood, and those days when you just need a minute to yourself…

Check out our interview with Terence below, and the acoustic series that we helped film for our bros over at Enthuzed!

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