Music Video Monday: “Back Seat” – Atlas Genius
Jul 2012 02

*Music Video Monday*

Gurl, go on and show me your underwear!

Atlas Genius is back with their music video for “Back Seat” – and what did you do most in the back seat in the glory days? Make out, obviously. The video is a collection of flirty flashing, playful ass grabs, and lust at its finest.

The brotherly Aussie trio released their EP, Through the Glass, last month and while “Symptoms” was my favorite, all their songs reflect a chill, summery vibe.

So head to the beach, the lookout point, lover’s lane – wherever – and climb into your back seat for old time’s sake with a friendly friend, and do the song proud.

Purchase Through the Glass EP, here!

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The Voice Project
Jun 2012 29

First and foremost, I just wanted to introduce myself to all the FM followers out there, my name is Cory Tucker and I just joined the FM team! My music taste varies a lot, but for the most part you will be seeing/hearing posts about folk or country music from me. So if you’re into those genres get excited and if not, I’m hoping to convince you to get into them.

As for my first post, I am really excited to share with you something that I actually just stumbled across. In the midst of a giant struggle to find the ultimate undiscovered song that I thought would impress all the FM viewers, I found instead something entirely different, but infinitely more cool: The Voice Project.

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Music Video: “New Religion” – Oncue
Jun 2012 27

Back in April we had the opportunity to interview Cuey after his show in Boston, and he mentioned the creativity that went into making “New Religion” as well as his excitement surrounding his most recent projects. From the beginning, Oncue has surrounded himself with an incredibly talented creative team, as is evidenced through his videos, and the quality of this one is no different.

The storyline stumped me on this one a bit – as I inquisitively found myself trying to find ‘the deeper meaning’ behind Cuey’s infatuation with Dorothy (from the Wizard of OZ, duh) who coincidentally was a beautiful cardboard cut-out; And after an awkward, sexual moment or two of bedroom shots, his lust turns to anger and frustration – reflecting the power behind his lyricism.

The video could possibly represent the truthful fact that so many people strive to fix their problems by self medicating and covering up their problems with external lies, as opposed to looking within – ultimately causing the person to live in a web full of lies. A fake portrayal of one’s self.

Eventually those lies become transparant, and the inability to break through the guarded walls becomes tiring..I could be completely off base here, but take a moment and see what YOU think the deeper meaning of the video could be…

Also, peep the cameos from the producers of the track, Party Supplies & Just Blaze.

Hit the jump for the free download!

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Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky Channel Jackie O and JFK
Jun 2012 27

*UPDATED with full length video.

“National Anthem” was one of the few Lana songs that I really responded to right off the bat – no thorough listening party necessary.

The soulful, blues crooner released the trailer for the new track which is safe to say has piqued the interest of the majority of the music industry; The beauty portrays our beloved fashion icon, Jackie O, and has A$AP Rocky star opposite to her, as JFK. If that doesn’t catch your attention, than I don’t know what will…

A$AP said,

“Some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit…People are going to get it in three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

In what world is one of my favorite rappers comparable to JFK? Well, Lana’s world.

Maybe I will understand in 3 years how A$AP has the potential to play JFK, but as of right now, I’m inquisitive and curious, but simultaneously satisfied; The trailer repeats a series of images, with quick, almost subliminal snapshots, interlaced throughout- but it has achieved it’s purpose by absolutely leaving me wanting more.

* Update: And now mere hours later, the full length video for Lana’s “National Anthem” has arrived. Is it just me or is this extremely captivating? The modernized love story of JFK & Jackie O portrayed by these two has me believing that this duo would actually be a good couple in real life. This is either naivety or me understanding A$AP’s ‘2015 shit”…

Whatever it is, I love this video. Chills at the end…Majorly.

A$AP 4 Prez.

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Sunnies Friday: "Next Big Thing" – Chester French ft. Pusha T & Pharrell
Jun 2012 22

*Sunnies Friday*

Thanks to a tremendously successful Gambino concert last night, I fit the Sunnies Friday stereotype perfectly. I’ve been hungover all day, and quite literally have been staring idly at my computer screen. In fact, it’s taken me 43 minutes to type these three sentences. Struggle.

Chester French just released their album, Music 4 TNGRS, which represents two and a half years of work, and the D.A.’s honest reflections on what life is all about. “Next Big Thing” featuring Pusha T. & Pharrell is featured on the project, and maintains a darker vibe with rays of light trying to shine through. The slower, rock infused beat and bittersweet vocals reflect our society’s hope for all of those, ‘next big things’ that simply can’t hold that title forever. Pusha & our favorite N.E.R.D. bring an added perspective to the song, and make it easy to listen to bob your head to this as you eagerly await 5 o’clock to hit.Thanks to a tremendously successful Gambino concert last night, I fit the Sunnies Friday stereotype perfectly. I’ve been hungover all day, and quite literally have been staring idly at my computer screen. In fact, it’s taken me 43 minutes to type these three sentences. Struggle.

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Sunnies Friday is dedicated to everyone out there who is rewarded by Thursday with a hangover Friday morning; The song dedicated to the cause will be inspirational, easy to listen to, and help you be on the mend for your friday night which starts in a few short hours.


“Offering” – Capital Cities Remix
Jun 2012 22

Every time I listen to this I catch myself smiling…

It takes a minute or so for Capital Cities latest “Offering” to sink in,  but once it does, it will envelop you with feel good vibes, that match the mood on a sunny, summery day like today.

Somehow I let this slip through the cracks on the masses of posts saved on our dashboard – but this is a great way to lead into the weekend with the laid back, soothing vocals of Ernest Saint Laurent and Tatiana Heintz. Capital Cities adds a twist with their signature dose of electroPOP, which creates a subdued beachy flow.

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Purity Ring, “Ungirthed” & “Fineshrine”
Jun 2012 20

We invite you to dive into the lyrical, electro-pop bliss that is Purity Ring. The electronic, indie duo out of Canada is dropping their debut album, Shrines, on July 24 (can’t wait!!), but we’ve given you a taste of what you’ll be getting above with Ungirthed and Fineshrine.

The vocals are done by Megan James, while Corin Roddick is the man responsible for the instrumentals here. The electro-phenom group formed in 2010, and it’s taken them just a couple of years to get their album out. We cannot wait. This is definetly a group to watch in 2012.

<3 Hazzard

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Music Video Monday: “Take A Walk” – Passion Pit
Jun 2012 18

I decided to save this one for Music Video Monday because I knew I was gonna need a little pick me up after my Long Beach –> Boston red eye; And like most of you, this Monday is surely a struggle due to the fantastic weekend high you’re still trying to ride out.

Passion Pit gives the visual treatment to their first single, “Take A Walk” off of Gossamer- and they utilize the help of a little blue ball (no, not that kind) to do all the walking – or should I say bouncing, ahem.

While I believed their second single, “I’ll Be Alright”,  surpassed this song, the music video reminded me otherwise; Both tracks are great in their own respective sound, and absolutely get me pumped for this album.

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