"Wake Up Call" – Terence Ryan, Directed by Ryan Sheetz
May 2013 09

No matter how busy and congested our schedules become, there are artists you make exceptions for.

Terence Ryan is one of those artists for me.

I haven’t touched the blog scene in a week, but I made a point to watch his video, simply because I have come to expect and appreciate the quality of work that he puts forth. Ryan Sheetz, his directorial partner in crime, is one of the most creatively capable youngin’s in the game. If you don’t see this duo collaborating on a major motion picture and score within the next ten years, then you can come back and literally bite me in the ass for this post.

Creativity is all around us…and Terence and Ryan reminded me that that holds true even in a tiny, old apartment in the North End…


Watch out for The Revival LP, coming soon.

Terence Ryan ~ Fresh Musikk

Lord Huron – "Time to Run"
May 2013 01

As spring quickly blossoms into summer, songs like Lord Huron’s “Time To Run” are a surefire way to put a smile on my face and a dance in my step. After a massive Coachella comedown, songs like this make me yearn to be around fellow music lovers, singing and dancing together on a sun-drenched field.

While folk music is something I’d normally pass on by, I cannot deny that this LA-based indie folk band has stirred something within me. The sheer number of instrumentals coupled with Ben Schneider’s vocals and heartfelt lyrics are enough to fill any heart with joy.

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;quot;The City&amp;quot; – The 1975
Apr 2013 16

The 1975 is onto something. They may be just the key to making British pop mainstream in America.

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in Boston a little over a week ago, and was releived to hear that their talent magnificently shines in live performances. The played their latest new single. “The City” and while the studio version is completely repeat-worthy, the live version blows it away.

It for some unkown reason these guys aren’t on your radar, put out your antennas and get with it!

The 1975 ~ Fresh Musikk

&amp;amp;quot;Sweater Weather&amp;amp;quot; – The Neighbourhood (Little Daylight Remix)
Mar 2013 29

Remember that time I was a music blogger? Yea, me too. I think…

Yes, I’ve been slacking – and no excuse I give will be sufficient, so go ahead and slap me on the wrist.

If for some reason you haven’t been listening to Little Daylight’s massively pleasing remix to “Sweater Weather” all week, than you’re just as out of it as I’ve been!

Who would have thought that you could make a remix to The Neigbourhood’s famed

single, and make it viagra canadian pharmacy equally as good while maintaining the integrity of the original.

Now I legitimately have an excuse to listen to this at the gym…because this version amps up the intensity.

Little Daylight ~ Fresh Musikk

&amp;amp;quot;Riptide&amp;amp;quot; – Vance Joy
Mar 2013 13

I’m fairly confident that I will find myself living in Australia at some point in my life.  Even if we put aside the fact that it’s actually paradise, trendy, laid back, and just gets it – the music scene is pretty much incomparable these days.

This time we have Vance Joy coming at us from the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere in Melbourne. His likeable folk twang flows with an indie rock style for his latest song, “Riptide”, and I only wish there were more songs like this. With similarities to The Lumineers and Mumford &

Sons, Vance seems like he’s on the right track, and absolutely leaves me wanting more…

Lucky for me, he’s giving me a great Birthday present with his upcoming EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing, due out 3/22!

Vance Joy ~ Fresh Musikk

&amp;amp;quot;Sweater Weather&amp;amp;quot; – The Neighbourhood, Live at KJEE Studio
Feb 2013 26

Who doesn’t love live in-studio performances from

The Neighbourhood?! I sure as hell know I do. The California quintet tops the list of talented up and comers by doing what they do best, and doing it even better.

If “Sweater Weather” was an actual sweater it would have been worn and torn into an unrecognizable piece of cloth from so much use; It undeniably gets the most playtime through my headphones, even though it was released a year ago. That being said, the guys reinvigorate new vibes in their latest rendition of it at KJEE Studios in Santa Barbara. The sweetly somber song serenades

me into a peaceful state, where all I can do is listen…

And all I want you to do…is listen.

The Neighbourhood ~ Fresh Musikk

Chasing Kurt – Money (Official Video)
Jan 2013 29


“You should know, money can’t buy you love.” Wise words from Chasing Kurt, and a phrase that we hear all too often in our society. But money is one tempting motherfucker, isn’t it?

In my most recent romance, my partner had considerably more money than I. To be honest, it made me slightly uncomfortable, but I very much liked him and I chose to overlook our income disparity because, so long as we were both rich in love, money was a non-issue… or so I thought.

I’m no stranger to “nice” things.

I know what is high quality and what is not, so it’s a personal pet peeve of mine when I’m informed of an object’s value unprovoked. My love would not-so-subtlety mention to me how expensive everything he owned was (this jacket was $1,000; that’s a $500 nightstand; I drive a $120,000 car), but this was by no means impressive, it was distasteful. That aside, I still adored him.

After months of smooth sailing, our relationship hit a spot of choppy water that would determine if we would sink or swim. During our disagreement, which had nothing to do with money, my love teetered off on a tangent regarding how much he was spending on me, whereas I was only giving him “cute,” sentimental trinkets of my affection. Aside from being off-topic, holding one’s money above another’s head is plain disrespectful and I was beyond hurt.

I came to realize that he’d been keeping tabs in his head of every dinner he’d taken me out to and every present he’d ever bestowed on me, and I was foolish enough to think that these were unconditional acts of love rather than ploys used to make me grovel in his supposed greatness. Coming to this realization was difficult, but realizing that I was not viewed as an equal in our relationship was even more

difficult, and so I

ended things.

He should know, money can’t buy you love.

<3 Hazzard

I first found this song on Maya Jane Coles album, DJ Kicks, which I highly recommend to everyone. You can stream the album after the jump.

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New Album: &amp;quot;Hummingbird&amp;quot; – The Local Natives
Dec 2012 27

Set to be released on January 29th, “Hummingbird” could be one of the top indie albums of the new year. Although you can only pre-order the album, two songs have already been leaked.


While “Bowery” has a more heavy sound, “Breakers” was intentionally released as a single on iTunes to show fans that this album will have the same great music that was produced on their critically acclaimed freshman album “Gorilla Manor.”

Some honorable mentions from “Gorilla Manor” would be “Airplanes” and “World News.” So if you don’t know the Local Natives, I would give them a listen because this is the best of the best for them.


As for the new album, I would absolutely listen to these two

tracks especially “breakers” and look out for the album because I think we can expect great things from this band.


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