"More Than Normal" – Alan Wilkis ft. Childish Gambino
Jun 2013 13

By freak chance, I happened to break out Camp from the archives earlier this week, and gave the album some playing time.

Then, boom – new music from the one and only, buy prednisone online Childish Gambino! Maybe my sixth sense kicked in, and subconsciously prepped me for new tuneage – Either way, Childish links up with producer, Alan Wilkis, for a refreshing, interesting track.

“More Than Normal” combines Gambino’s lyricism with a bluesy, American-rock-feel, resulting with a song full of rich, full sounds, and intriguing production.

Alan Wilkis ~ Fresh Musikk

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Musikk Video: "Power Trip" – J. Cole ft. Miguel
Apr 2013 10

J. Cole

Let me drop some major “shit girls say” lines on you…

I could

see myself dating J.Cole. Not because I’d even have a chance – but because I really feel like he’s a nice, and down to earth person. His passion, delivery, buying viagra and lyrical substance is incredibly attractive- and simply leads me to believe that he’s genuine.

And “Power Trip”. Ooooh baby. The things that you can do to that song!

So, J – c’mon, all I wanted was a sultry video, with some sexy smiles thrown in for good measure. Naturally, we got strippers, a love triangle, and a sad ending for Miguel…

Fresh Musikk

"Power Trip" – J. Cole ft. Miguel
Feb 2013 14

Hell yes. Here’s the new couple of the year. J. Cole teams up Miguel, the biggest R&B player in the game right now and makes a sweet, sweet love long.

Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?

Because right now, I’m loving this song more than the V Day cookies sitting on my desk. If you needed a song to set the mood later go ahead and thank these guys for getting it done. ” Power Trip” is the second solid single, featured on J’s upcoming album, Born Sinner.

You can also download the free EP he released yesterday, entitled, Truly Yours. I’ll let Mr. Cole do the honors…

I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. And I


Along the way I’ve recorded at least 4 albums worth of material, lots of it being unfinished demo versions waiting to be polished up, some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space) .

Tonight, I want to give you a few of these songs because you deserve them. It’s hard as fuck for me

to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know it’s been hard for you to wait. Thank you for your patience. Vibe out to these songs in their raw form, no polish.. just a lot of my soul..

The wait is over. Download the Truly Yours EP now:http://bit.ly/XA6hhl

Truly Yours,

Born Sinner

PS- 1st single coming this week. The album is hands down my best work yet. Can’t wait to share.

Fresh Musikk

Musikk Video: "Started From the Bottom" – Drake
Feb 2013 12

FACT: This is not what I

did during the epic Blizzard of 2013. Nemo would have not hesitated to put Drizzy in his place if he tried to drive down the street dancing in a white Rolls convertible.

All judgement aside, the video made this song a little

more bearable. Would I say I’d listen to it sober on repeat? No. But I’m sure I’d get a little rowdy to it if I heard it a few brews in.

Fresh Musikk

New Album: Big Boi's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors
Jan 2013 27

Last month Big Boi dropped his second solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and he killed it.  In his intro track, Big Boi makes it clear: “If y’all don’t know me by now, y’all ain’t gonna never know me.”

With Vicious Lies Big Boi takes a riskier approach than he did in his debut solo album, Sir Lucious Leftfoot, drawing influence from indie rock and electronica while staying true to his southern roots.  Filled with social commentary and introspection, the album also features impressive collaborations with Phantogram, Kelly Rowland, T.I, Ludacris, A$AP Rocky, Little Dragon, and more.  You don’t have to be an ATLien to enjoy Vicious Lies and Dangerous



Wild For The Night – A$AP Rocky feat. Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam
Jan 2013 17

Well, I’ve been listening to this hip-hop banger for the past few days and I’m pretty sure it gets better with each listen. Perhaps that’s because I

now know each rhyme A$AP spits in rapid succession, or perhaps it’s because I cannot get enough of the dub that Skrillex masterfully throws into the mix, but moreover, it’s just a great song!

<3 Hazzard

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Azealia Banks – Bad Bitches Do It (BBD)
Jan 2013 04


Our favorite liquorice bitch out of the 212 is back! Azealia has been much too quiet as of late, but that’s about to change as she’s set to drop her album, Broke With Expensive Taste, in February of 2013. I mean… thank God!

Check out Azealia’s latest, “Bad Bitches Do It (BBD),” above & you’ll be just as excited as I am for

the release of her album next month. I seriously have this on repeat right now.

Do It, Bad Bitches, Do It!

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;quot;1Train&amp;quot; – ASAP Rocky ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, &amp;amp; Big K.R.I.T.
Dec 2012 18

Yesterday I tried to reason with the trainer to put on my playlist during our bootcamp class. I faltered when he asked if it was “appropriate”, so he snagged a look at it, saw A$AP’s name, and laughed.

Needless to say, I had to listen to an hour of Katy Perry and LMFAO burning my eardrums off; In fact, they were more worn out than my shaking muscles

by the end of it.

But if I could, I would most definitely add A$AP’s latest song, “1Train”, to the mix; The song will be featured on his highly anticipated album, LongLiveA$AP, and lucky for us, it leaked and is now streaking through the blogosphere.

Rocky quite literally recruited everyone and their mother for this song, but it’s badass-ness is not diminished in the slightest; Instead of being overcooked and overdone, it works. Big ups to Kendrick and Action on this one, but you will also hear the lyrcisim of Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown (sucks), and Big K.R.I.T.

A$AP Rocky /// Fresh Musikk

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