Zeds Dead – Altered States Summer Mix
Sep 2013 21

I just had an hour long, one-man dance party in my apartment.  Thanks, Zeds Dead!



Pre-Turkey Festivities
Nov 2012 21

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving signifies many things…

To sum it up in a few words…

– Going Home.

– Getting really drunk.

– Seeing your graduating class from high school.

– Having meaningless, awkward small talk.

– Drinking too much.

– Drunkenly turning that awkward small talk into an awkward make-out session.

– Uncontrollably blushing when you think about that sloppy make-out session on Thursday morning.

I plan on stopping after step number two, but I’m sure many of you will wake up tomorrow and just be all…”Damn, K.Roth was right.”

So before those thoughts enter you’re head, let me share another piece of knowledge in which I’m right about…

*GO listen to this playlist during your pregame. It’ll make your night better.

And on a serious note, I probably won’t be on my best blogging game tomorrow, but do you want to know what I’m thankful for?


Yes, you. Because YOU are reading this right now, and the fact that anyone is interested in my ramblings is incredible.

Thank you for your wonderful support for FM, it’s been quite the ride so far biddies.

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(*Comprised of great songs from November thus far…Also, click the link to stream the full set in Spotify.)

Fresh Musikk presents Halloween Fright Night Party Playlist
Oct 2012 05

Attention ghouls & goblins, party ponies & demon dancers, vamps & vixens! Fresh Musikk is proud to bring you our 2012 Halloween Fright Night Party Playlist!

You can feel it in the air, can’t you?  It’s that chill creeping up your spine, tingling your spidery-senses, alerting you that it’s time to dance or die. Well, we at Fresh Musikk are adamant about choosing dancing over death, and we think our readers would agree. That said, we’ve taken the liberty to craft a Halloween Party Playlist of monsterous proportions!

Each song has been carefully selected by the Fresh Musikk fam to bring you over 61 songs & 4 hours of Fright Night dance mayhem.

In our personal opinion, Halloween starts the first weekend of October and ends on the 31st, so stream below (& subscribe via Spotify), get ghoulish, and, to quote Hocus Pocus, “Dance! Dance until you die!”

<3 Hazzard

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Fresh Musikk: Freedom Fall, September Playlist 2012
Oct 2012 03

Okay, fine Mother Nature. There’s been a string of 60-something degree days, a cool breeze, and fading daylight; It’s official, fall has arrived.

Our september playlist is a combination of breezy tracks, and bubbly anthems that strived to keep the summer sun shining. The 27 song set features some of the best songs we featured on Fresh Musikk over the last month including: Sun City, G – Eazy, Y Luv, Kanye &amp; crew, The Knocks, Four Tet, Action Bronson, Party Supplies and more. Whew. Basically a long list of talent that gets you pumped to hear what comes on next!

So while all the girls at school or work may be wearing more clothes, and the appearance of boardshort clad bros is slim- at least you can throw on this playlist this weekend with the hopes of wearing less clothes by the end of the night…

~k.roth & fam

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(The playlist below is glitchy – click here to stream the Spotify playlist in its entirety.)



Fresh Musikk: Summer Sunset, August Playlist 2012
Sep 2012 07

I know, I’m an asshole.

I’ve been slacking on the monthly playlists – but I’ve reinstated a strong determination to start back up. And what a way to make a comeback with this unfiltered cover art of one of the best summer sunset’s I witnessed…

As the summer comes to a close, it’s imperative to keep those sunny, uplifting vibes vibing as we make the transition to cooler weather; The sky gets a little darker, the mood a little more subdued… but if you throw on this playlist you can be transported back to the feelings of water sports, daygers, and summer love  lust.

The following Spotify list is the top songs we posted about in August, featuring the vocal stylings of: Passion Pit, Sun City, Air Traffic Controller, ScHoolboy Q, Frank Ocean, Lovelife, Cudi, and so much more!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and remember that there are things to look forward to in the fall…like tailgating, #sweaterweather, and Spring Break…


 Stream it on Spotify, here!

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Fresh Musikk: Summer Conquest, June 2012
Jul 2012 09

July has been too much fun for words. Out of the last nine, sunny & fun-filled July days, I have succesfully drank for seven of them. My detox starts today, simply for the fact that I will be in NYC this weekend, and I would like to return with my liver intact.

These last nine days are the reason that my ‘Best of..’ June playlist is nine days late. But nonetheless, here it is in all it’s glory: Summer Conquest, June 2012.

The playlist features the best songs we posted on Fresh Musikk throughout June including, XV, Childish Gambino, Manicanparty, ANTHM, Adventure Club, Atlas Genius and more!

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Untitled mix from k.roth on 8tracks.

Fresh Musikk: American Summer Playlist
Jun 2012 21

Today, I saw a kid wearing a winter hat. It’s 101˚ outside. It’s safe to say me and him have absolutely nothing in common, and most likely will never be friends.

Summer is the greatest 3 months of the year, and is so much more than beaches, pools, sun-kissed skin, dresses, wedges, sunnies, seafood, cookouts, bonfires…Wait, what was I talking about, again?

The sun isn’t the only thing that’s warmer and brighter in the summer – people adopt the same qualities too; Our moods are sunnier, smiles more dazzling, love is exemplified, and happiness shines behind every corner, and bounces off every surface.

The writers at Fresh Musikk have compiled a Spotify playlist of any and every song that reminds us of Summer. Our American Summer playlist includes 100 songs, and 1 for good luck, that includes every single genre, and probably some artists you’ve completely forgotten about; We brought together Mr. Sinatra, and G. Love; Mariah Carey, and Sublime; Dispatch & Justin Bieber; Otis Redding, and Bob Marley, Foster the People, and Chamillionaire – and so, so, many more!

So whether these songs throw us back to nights spent sneaking beers on the beach in 2004, a summer love in 2007, or a crazy night we can’t remember from 2011- these songs hold memories of exhilarated youth and joy, and I hope you can enjoy them with us.

(Due to copyrights we can’t offer this playlist for download, just streaming.)

Click this link to stream all 101 songs on Spotify, or play below.

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Fresh Musikk: Escape To The Beach, May 2012
Jun 2012 05

May was an incredible month for music, hands down.

School’s out, kids are graduating, summer hours start, bars open their roofdecks, and all is right in the world again…because summer is on the horizon. And just to reinforce that fact, the musical community has begun to release its warm & breezy productions, laced with feel good vocals.

Naturally, many of the top songs included in this month’s playlist, stem from the electronic or bubbly indie scene, with some rap, and reggae pop sprinkled within; You’ll see songs from The Neighbourhood, Joseph Somo, MitiS, Lemonade, Goldroom, Gazzo, and more!

Download Escape To The Beach playlist here!!! (Only songs that were offered for free are included for download)

Up next is the ultimate Summer playlist…be on the lookout for it here!

Fresh Musikk: Escape to the Beach, May 2012 from k.roth on 8tracks.

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