Sunnies Friday: "The Feeling" – The Knocks
Aug 2012 10

Never have I ever been this pale in August. The job scene is absolutely eliminating my ability to have a tan & sexy glow this summer – something I am NOT happy about – but songs like this remind me that I’m going on vacation in a few weeks, and living at the beach!

The Knocks just created the epitome of a party track with “The Feeling” – resulting in an explosion of summery feelings that get your moving on the d floor.

This summer anthem is a perfect way to keep the sunny vibes going well into September – purposefully bypassing that ‘official last weekend of summer’, which decidely tries to tell you not to wear white anymore…Well, eff that. I’ve definitely got “The Feeling” and I’m bringing The Knocks with me when the time comes to boycott Fall.

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Sunnies Friday is dedicated to everyone out there who is rewarded by Thursday with a hangover Friday morning; The song dedicated to the cause will be inspirational, easy to listen to, and help you be on the mend for your friday night which starts in a few short hours.

Adventure Club – Need Your Heart feat. Kai (Protohype Remix)
Aug 2012 08

We get it, Wednesdays can be rough. In fact, Wednesdays are so tough that all through college, hump-day became one of the most popular drinking nights on campus… I mean, there had to be SOMETHING to get you through the day. Now, as “adults,” we have even fewer Wednesday escapes to look forward to. Luckily for all our party ponies, we DO have a hump-day treat for you in the form of this banger here! Escape your mid-week woes by grabbing the FREE download of the Protohype remix of Fresh Musikk favorite, Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart (feat. Kai)”! If this does not get your endorphins up, we just don’t know what will.

You’re almost to Friday! <3 Hazzard

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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods (Zeds Dead Remix)
Aug 2012 06

OMFG I think I just died. Two of my favorites, Zeds Dead and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, have come together in a glorious remix of TEED’s “Household Goods.” I’m a huge fan of TEED’s latest album, Trouble, which is rich with deep, prehistoric sounding beats and synths; it’s great music for chillin’ with some friends during these hot August days. Zeds Dead does a fantastic job of raising the dance bar on this track–making it as ferocious as a Velociraptor with the bass of a T-Rex’s footstep. Hold onto your butts and grab that free download above!

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Make It Bun Dem (Caveat Remix)
Aug 2012 04

As electro music continues to put the world in a trance, we’ve seen talented artists getting younger and younger. Of course the French phenom, Madeon, comes to mind immediately, but he may have a challenger in the form of 17 year-old Caveat. Check out Caveat’s remix of Damian Marley and Skrillex’s “Make It Bun Dem” above. He adds some electro-fire to the luscious reggae sound of this already hot track.  Check out more sickk remixes on Caveat’s Soundcloud page— we’re sure you’ll agree with us that he is a young producer to watch!

<3 Hazzard

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Musikk Video: “Language” – Porter Robinson
Aug 2012 02

How fitting that I’ve randomly been listening to “Language” all week, and Porter Robinson went ahead and released some stellar visuals for it. With eye-catching natural landscapes, fantasy creatures, and a high speed chase, the video culminates with the young woman finding her inner strength and facing her fears. I love videos with end-of-scene morals – it always reminds me of Full House episodes.

“Language” is one of the most uplifting house tracks that has come out this year, and all the while managed to be the best without any language (vocals). How ironic!

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“Angels” – The xx (Love Thy Brother Remix)
Aug 2012 02

Love Thy Brother created one of the best remixes for Daughter’s, “Youth”, that still makes the rotation in my iTunes library. Upon seeing that they remixed The xx’s latest song, “Angels”, I promptly added that to my top list as well.

The xx created a serene and delicate track that emanates a sense of innocence that is all too pure for other producers and dj’s to just let be; It’s quickly gaining traction in the remix category, but Love Thy Brother is the first one to truly impress, and set the new standard.

They infuse the soft song with a subtle drum beat and bubbly synths, that build into a powerful progression; The duo manages to keep the essence of the song, and never once overpowers it’s basic simplicity.

The remix resonates with a rock-powered vibe and sweetly somber undertones from the original vocals.

Lovin’ this. Must download.

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Delilah – Inside My Love [REDLIGHT REMIX]
Aug 2012 01

Delilah delights with this Redlight Remix of her jam, “Inside My Love,” which combines an otherworldly tone with some bass you your face synth! The video is stunningly simplistic, yet hard to take your eyes off of. It’s a huge departure from her original video, which is a beautiful bedroom ballet between lovers. Like the remix, the new video above is much darker & more aggressive, evoking memories of underground house clubs. Love it!

<3 Hazzard

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Midi Matilda – Love & The Movies (MyKill Remix)
Jul 2012 31

MyKill has quickly become a Fresh Musikk favorite! This powerhouse producer out of San Francisco has been churning out killer remix after killer remix, and we are so pleased to present his latest work of art: Midi Matilda’s “Love & The Movies” remix! MyKill has perfected the art of not losing any of the song’s original indi-pop goodness, but rather amplifies the song with new-wave synths that make it even more perfect for summertime lovin’. Enjoy!

<3 Hazzard

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