Fresh Foodie: Korean Beef Tacos with Mexican Sass
Jan 2013 29

Crockpot Kore-xican Beef Tacos

Being a lifelong East Coast girl (with West Coast dreams) I’ve never enjoyed Asian or Mexican food.


Don’t you dare gasp at me!

Let me clarify, I don’t like fake-ass-Americanized-unhealthy-wannabe-Asian-and-Mexican-food. If I head to the west coast, Mexico, or lately, Australia, I am more than happy to eat those cuisines because it actually tastes delicious and authentic.

That being said, I find myself creating a lot of Mexican inspired dishes lately; And yesterday, I tried to go down the Asian route, and took a shot at creating Korean Beef Tacos. Ultimately, it ended up being a beautiful fusion of flavors in what I would classify as an interracial marriage between Korean & Mexican lovers.

This is easy to make, the prep time is quick, and the outcome will surpass your expectations. So, dive in!

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