Ad Musikk: Apple iPod – Bounce
Oct 2012 15

How does Apple do it? They always seem to find fresh, lesser-known songs for their iPod commercials and blow them up (in a good way). Who doesn’t remember the iPod Nano ad introducing most of the world to Fiest with “1, 2, 3, 4”? Well, they did it again with their latest commercial for the new generation of iPods.

The spot is called “Bounce” and the artist getting the spotlight this time is Willy Moon. Before I get into the song, check out the spot:

So like I said the artist is Willy Moon and the song is called “Yeah Yeah”. Moon hails from New Zealand but current lives and works out of London. He’s been releasing music since 2010, but this is probably a lot of people’s first encounter with his music that is described by MTV as “a brilliantly odd fusion of 50s rock’n’roll and modern production using hip-hop production techniques”. The song’s heavy beat, drums, and horns all fit the visuals of the commercial perfectly and definitely grabs your attention and keeps it for the 30 seconds the ad runs. Willy Moon has a style all his own (just check out the video for “Yeah Yeah”) and looks to have a good career ahead of him if he can take advantage of the wave this commercial is going to bring him and keep releasing good stuff.

Stream “Yeah Yeah” below and grab it on iTunes here:

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Ad Musikk: Heineken – The Switch
Aug 2012 27

I’ve always been a music lover, but right up there on my list of passions is advertising. I’m currently working in the advertising industry and have always loved the impact music can make on a commercial. While some people hate when their favorite musicians “sell out” and have their music appear in ads, I think its a great way to expose a wider audience to a sound they might not have ever heard before. Whenever I see a commercial with a really effective music choice or one featuring a great song that I hadn’t heard before I’ll post it under Ad Musikk.

To kick this series off, I’d like to introduce you to Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes, whose song “Love Letter” appears in the new Heineken spot called “The Switch”. Check out the commercial below:

The concept and execution are both really well done, but the star of the spot is the music. There is no denying that Clairy Browne brings back memories of Amy Winehouse with her emotive, raw, and timeless voice. As soon as the spot came on TV the music grabbed my attention and kept it the entire time. I had to get on my phone and figure out who that amazing voice was coming out of. Turns out “Love Letter” has been out for nearly a year and is the lead track on Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes album, Baby Caught The Bus. The soulful, classic feel of the song fits perfectly with the ad and in my mind the music choice is what makes the commercial stand out from the rest.

Stream “Love Letter” below and if you like what you hear grab Baby Caught The Bus on iTunes:

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