"Party Hard" -Zach Gill
Dec 2012 20


With college finals season finally coming to an end, I felt as though I could start to appreciate this simplistic song about holiday parties once again. “Party Hard” is off of Brushfire Record’s indie Christmas album “This Warm December Vol.2.”

The album was released before last years’ Christmas season, but it is by far a collection of my favorite off beat holiday songs because the classics eventually drive me a little crazy. The album features artists such as Jack Johnson, Rogue Wave, G.Love, ALO, and Zee Avi.

Although Zach Gill’s “Party Hard” is possibly one of the weirdest videos I have ever seen, don’t let that distract you from a great indie Christmas tune. Take the video with a grain of salt (or a rum and eggnog) and then listen to the recorded version:

Party Hard (Album Version)

If you like the song or the album then visit http: This Warm December’s website for a FREE DOWNLOAD from the album… aka one less thing you have to pay $$ for during the season of



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Futurecop! – Me, Myself and DayDreams Mix
Oct 2012 25

What a great way to start a Thursday! Futurecop! teased us on their Facebook page yesterday when they announced they were conjuring up a new DJ mix, but that it would be far from conventional. Per usual, the men of Futurecop! (who, coincidentally, inspired my 2012 Halloween costume), did not disappoint! Posting a wonderful compilation of music inspired by “melancholy, lost love, daydreams & nostalgia,” Futurecop’s mix is bound to evoke an emotional response in you: your first love to your first heartache, your triumphs and setbacks, the good and bad times with friends and family.

What Futurecop! accomplished with this mix is the summation of our mission at Fresh Musikk: take it in, take it easy and ride the beat back.

Be sure to grab that free download and check out the track list after the jump!

<3 Hazzard

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Throwback Thursday: &amp;quot;Back To Cali&amp;quot; Mix by Rufus
Oct 2012 18

Ok, I may have been a little misleading with the whole “Thursday Throwback” title, but hear me out.

It’s a Thursday Throwback to Cali! To celebrate their upcoming trip to the United States for CMJ, Australian producers, Rufus, sample from Notorious B.I.G.’s anthem, “Going Back To Cali,” for their deep disco mixtape above!

This mixtape is dope! Bringing you almost an hour of unadulterated nu and deep disco delight, Rufus’ “Back to Cali” mix is sure to put you in the right mood for the upcoming weekend (this weekend, next weekend and all future weekends). Take a deep breath, put on your headphones and remember that in less than 48 hours you’ll be enjoying the sweet taste of vodka freedom.

<3 Hazzard

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Lime – Angel Eyes (SAH Re-Froth)
Oct 2012 11

I honestly can’t think of a better “Thirsty Thursday” song than this little gem above! I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been having a really great day thus far. You know, one of those days where you wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed and every decision you make seems impossibly perfect? I live & dance for days like today, so throwing a little bit of 80s dance magic into the equation only solidified my optimism.

Surf Ambassador Hendo remixed a little ditty from 80s disco group, Lime, appropriately called “Angel Eyes.”  Adding in some synths, a frosty bass and some (more) COWBELL, this song will have you feeling right all weekend!

Cop that free download above!

<3 Hazzard

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Throwback Thursday: “Soulshine” – Warren Haynes & Tim Reynolds
Sep 2012 13

So while reworking my resume this week, obviously a great time, I was attempting to describe what Fresh Musikk is under my work experience section. I found myself rereading our mantra, to find great music that is connected with a memory or a feeling, and I was inspired to write about this song.

The Allman Brother’s band will forever be associated with summer in my mind. Songs like “Midnight Rider” and “Blue Sky” make me want to cruise around with the windows down.

Warren Hayes and Tim Reynold’s acoustic version of “Soulshine” brings back a specific memory that will forever be ingrained in my mind. It was one of those moments when the song playing was almost too perfect and you had to stop everything and just listen.

Four summers ago, my brother wanted to show his new girlfriend the beach in our hometown, but instead of good beach weather there was a thunderstorm approaching. Although we were all pissed because it had been raining a lot, we decided to go watch the storm instead.

As we parked on the beach, the local rock station 105.7 played this version of “Soulshine” and my brother turned it up because he loves the song. As the chorus came on the sun somehow burnt through the clouds right above us and we just at there in silence for the full seven minutes listening to Warren Haynes and Tim Reynolds sing.

Now that may not sound mind blowingly cool, but the fact that four years later I still remember how perfect this song sounded at that moment must mean something right?

It’s like if my life had a soundtrack (which it would be kickass if it did) that song would have been played exactly then. I mean maybe my life does have a soundtrack, but I can only hear it at certain times. Woah.

You get the point. Clearly, I have some ethereal bond with this song and I hope after listening to it you do too.

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Robyn None of Dem (Craig Williams & PHNM Remix)
May 2012 17

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than a dope beat from my girl, Robyn. In fact, the only thing I enjoy more is a dope remix of a dope beat by Robyn! Craig Williams and PHNM were clownin’ around in LA and turned out this gem of a song. Check out their remix of Robyn’s “None of Dem (featuring Röyksopp).” Get it together and find someone to dance with… and hope they can keep up.

Enjoy the beat & download for free.

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Throwback Thursday: I’m Bringing Sexy Back
Apr 2012 26

One fine day about six years ago, Justin Timberlake walked his ballin’ ass into a room and said, “You know what? I’m gonna bring m*ther f*cking sexy back.”

And he did.

Now imagine I walk into a room, trip in my heels, catch myself, and then announce that I have the fabulous idea to bring ‘Sexy Back.’ After dying from laughter people would probably wonder where the hell I thought sexy went. But JT no doubt got away with it.

He’s been on the scene for twenty years if you count the MMC days, followed by his glorious frosted tips NSync era, and of course the height of his solo singing career – and people still love him, making it an almost unheard of miracle that someone’s actually been relevant for so long. The tired and true saying might as well be defined by the Timbs: Girls want him and guys want to be him. There’s no way around it.

“Sexy Back” continues to be one of my favorite music videos – from an era when there was strategically planned creative content, and MTV’s Making The Video was just riding out it’s time, producing bangin’ videos left and right. “Sexy Back” dripped sex and still leaves you wanting more; While it doesn’t have the shock value like “Cry Me A River”, it started it’s own movement nonetheless.

It hit the radio waves the summer I graduated from high school in 2006; It accompanied me through highs and lows, the dread and fear of leaving the comfort zone I only dared to leave my entire life, and prepared me for the ultimate party jam when I got to BC.

If I had three magic wishes, I may or may not use one to wish that Justin would drop acting and come back to his musical roots. It’s time to really dig deep and BRING SEXY BACK, JUSTIN!

– k.roth

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Throwback Thursday: My “Milkshake”
Apr 2012 19

Throwback Thursday

So believe it or not, I actually have another job and just ‘illegally’ post on FM all day long while at work (if my bosses are reading this I’m just kidding – don’t believe a word I’m saying here…) Anyways, I manage some other social media pages including one which does giveaway contests all the time and today we included a caption contest; The clear winner was someone who found a way to incorporate Kelis’s old school track, “Milkshake” into the caption. Phenomenal. Well done. Amazing. I literally LOLed.

So really, how can I not post this song for this week’s installment of Throwback Thursday? Kelis used to be ghetto as hell and we all loved every second of it; Back in the day my ‘trashy’ best friend (and current roommate) loved this song and I raised my eyebrows in a prissy fashion at her musical choices, while inside I clearly loved it; But, there was no way in hell my 8th grade self knew what Kelis was talking about. Naivety is a virtue people.

I’m not sure if my milkshake has ever brought any boys to the yard but let’s assume it has so I can jam out to this track like i’ve got it goin’ on right now.

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Just kidding. For all the posts…

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