"Wicked Games" – Phillip Phillips
Nov 2012 19



Anyone remember this iconic video? I sure as hell do. While casually watching the VH1’s 1oo Greatest Videos on Sunday mornings this semi-porno would come on and my 14- year-old self  would freak out. Of course I couldn’t stop watching, but I had to constantly look over my shoulder to see if my parents were about to come in.

Well Chris Isaak you may have killed it with your video, but I prefer Phillip Phillip’s recorded version by far. The American Idol winner performed “Wicked Games” on the show and it was a sensation. Now on his newly released first album “The World from the Side of the Moon” there is a studio version.

I love it for two reasons:

1. You can listen to it at times that don’t involve sex because lets face it Chris you’re rendition is 100% a mood-setter and therefore pretty one dimensional.

2. Phillip Phillips sounds EXACTLY like Dave Matthews.

The fact that Dave Mathews actually commented on this claim and said Phillips should take over his band when he retires just goes to show how similar their sound is. So check out Phillip Phillips singing “Wicked Games” and the rest of his new album here:


New Album Preview:  The World from the Side of the Moon


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"Sheets Down" – Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
Nov 2012 03

Connor Christian & Southern Gothic (CCSG) is a country band that was just named “Artist On The Verge- Best Bets of 2012” by Billboard Magazine. Their first album was released in 2007 and they have toured with bands such as the Counting Crows, Big & Rich and Uncle Kracker.

What I like about this band is not only their blend of rock, bluegrass and country, but their understanding of how the music industry is changing. While they have a niche following, CCSG realizes that the music industry caters only to artists who can become mainstream.

So when CCSG received the opportunity to make a music video for their song “Sheets Down” with famed video director/producer Mil Cannon they knew the funding would have to come from those who continuously support their music: the fans.While the song is fantastic, CCSG realizes that videos are an essential part 25mg viagra of music and in order to generate a bigger fan following CCSG believes they need one.

Therefore, they have used the website Kickstarter, which is essentially a funding platform for creative projects, to generate enough to shoot the video. Listen to “Sheets Down” as well as their other music on soundcloud and if enjoy it then make a contribution to CCSG’s effort on Kickstarter!

Check out their other songs here

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Crystal Castles: Hollywood Palladium Dark Magic
Oct 2012 22

Shit got pretty twisted this past weekend when I traveled to the Hollywood Palladium to see Crystal Castles for my first time! For those of you who have never seen Ethan and Alice up-close-and-personal before, let me just tell you this: they do not fuck around!

Opening with their latest single, “Plague,” Crystal Castles set the tone for their dark, electronic voyage down the rabbit hole. Ethan killed it from the start, laying down track after track of his unique, homestyle productions that give rise and power to Alice’s haunting vocals. The crowd was a moshing mass Crystal Castles cult worshipers, each exorcising their demons beneath the strobing lights and bone-rattling bass. Despite a semi-faulty sound system at the Palladium, I found myself completely mesmerized and overpowered by Alice’s charismatic craft.

While they played some of my all-time CC favorites (“Not In Love,” “Vanished” and “Empathy“), I was completely taken with “Baptism.” Alice was surreal as she walked over the crowd, allowing her devoted fans to literally carry her as she drenched us in Holy water and pulsated to the dark waves of magic conjured forth by Ethan.

When the darkness diminished and the lights flickered back on, I felt as though Ethan and Alice had taken us on a voyage down the River Styx, and while we did not cross absolutely into Hades, we teetered on the edge of oblivion, emerging as devote disciples of dark dance.

<3 Hazzard

“I suffocate, and promise me you won’t resuscitate.”

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Musikk Video: &quot;Songbird&quot; – Aer
Oct 2012 22

Oh man, my favorite boys have come a long way since their first video for “School / Another Face”; Images of bros and bongs turned to inspirational storylines that we are all one and the same. We may want different things out of life, but the bottom line is that you need passion, hark work, determination, and above all, heart to achieve your goals.

The video was directed and shot by Matt Miggz and Kellan Davidson who did a beautiful job of uniting three separate storylines into one cohesive message. The romantic in me loved the anniversary letter, and the overall video left me with a warm smile on my face.

If you haven’t already, you can see Carter and Dave when they roll through your city – grab tix here!

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IGGY AZALEA – Murda Bizness ft. T.I. (Official Video)
Sep 2012 17

Honestly, thank god for Iggy Azalea & this video for “Murda Bizness,” featuring T.I. I could not be more fed-up with the trash that’s on TV nowadays. If it wasn’t bad enough that “Toddlers & Tiaras” was polluting our airwaves and infecting the already mush minds of Americans, we now have “Honey Boo Boo” to deal with and I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

Iggy’s got great style & the fact that she lampooned child beauty pageants with this video makes me LOVE her. I mean, not only is this song a SMASH, but the video is f*king hilarious. Check out the video above & remember, child pageants are murder.

<3 Hazzard

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Musikk Video Monday: “Need Your Love” – Sol
Sep 2012 04

“Need Your Love” is one of my favorite songs from the Pacific Northwester, Sol, and it finally gets the visual treatment amidst his lengthy expedition.

After embarking on a worldly tour earlier this summer, Zillas everywhere were worried they wouldn’t have any new content from the rapper for 9 months; Lucky for us he shot this interesting love story (with a twist) before he left, featuring a beautiful sidekick, and some spy games, which leaves the audience guessing at the end.

With soft, golden light, Director, Stephan Gray did an excellent job of portraying Sol’s lyricism, and delicate production.


Sol /// Fresh Musikk

Musikk Video Monday: “I Was Here” – Beyoncé
Aug 2012 20

Psh. My booty looks that good every day of the week. No question.

Beyoncé’s first take on her homemade video for “I Was Here” was inspirational, moving, and invoked a monumental feeling of jealousy that she has not only had so many opportunities, but has touched so many people’s lives; Her montage of home videos showcased her loving demeanor and compassionate drive to help others through her superstar  force.

Yesterday she released her ‘official’ video for the powerful ballad through a live visual performance at the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day; The visuals serve as a reminder that amidst the horrific news headlines that bombard us everyday, there is good in this world of ours.

Nothing like starting your Monday morning with some tears…Let ’em flow.

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Music Video Monday: "Like The Way" – Aer
Jul 2012 23

Last night, Aer released “Like The Way”, their second single off The Bright Side, which is dropping in just 7 days!! The boys have released two mixtapes, an EP, and so far two new songs, that have all contributed to defining their signature, laid back, breezy sound.

In a musical world that’s becoming overpowered with synths, whomps, and drops, it’s always refreshing to hear these guys bring it back to the acoustic roots.

Matt Miggz shot and directed their latest video, which follows the crew through a day that epitomizes their sound with, beaches, bonfires, beauty and laughter.

Pre-order The Bright Side here!

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