Music can represent your emotions in a way that words can’t define; Sometimes it’s better to say it with a song.

“All you want is what you can’t have, and if you just look around man, you see you got magic; So just sit back relax enjoy it while you still have it. Don’t look back on life man and only see tragic..”

Music has always been a part of my life, and always will be; Aside from founding Fresh Musikk, I am the Regional Marketing Director for Aer, and I am a music contributor at Enthuzed.

My favorite song of all time is “Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn.

Shark Week is my favorite week of the year.

I love sequins and neon.

Loyal to a fault, brutally honest, and always craving french fries.

Holy Hot Sauce moments are the best.


 Midwest born and bred, East Coast educated, West Coast living. Love LA, NYC and all things international.

Can’t get enough House, Dub, Electro Pop and Rap, and repping FM as West Coast Editor.

There is nothing better than driving down the Pacific Coast Highway listening to a favorite song.

Stay fresh, dance dirty.


City Dweller, but World Traveler at heart

Favorite Cities: NYC & LA & Florence
Favorite Sport and team: Football -Giants
Favorite Song of All Time: Anything Tom Petty
Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow walkers
Biggest Fear: Heartbreak/Heights
Favorite Drink: 32g on the rocks
Favorite Word: Bitchin’
1 Thing on my Bucket List: Skydiving (kill that fear of heights)


To the question, “What kind of music do you prefer?”,  I always have the same response: live music.  Whether it’s moshing in a sweaty club, or relaxing in an open field, there’s something about sharing the auditory experience with a mass of friends and strangers that makes the ritual so much richer.  Raised in Atlanta, I naturally gravitated to country and southern hip hop but have since expanded my musical repertoire to rock n’ roll, house, edm, and more.

I now reside in San Francisco, work in the Silicon Valley, and travel as much as I can afford to.  My favorite pastimes are bar-hopping and talking shit, admittedly.  Sorry ‘bout it.


Virginia native, Lehigh University student.
Writer, dancer, singer, life liver.
Favorite song: “At Last” by Etta James (gotta love the classics)
Favorite city in the world: London
Music I listen to: anything really, except head-banger/screamo rock
Keep calm and carry on.


Winding down my college experience at Boston College

Next on the agenda: Portland, Oregon

#1 most played song on my iTunes: Mirror’s Edge by XV

Last items crossed off my Bucket List: Bungee jumping and skydiving (do it, K.Ryan; it’s awesome)

Next in line to get nixed: Run a marathon

Favorite genres: Hip hop and rap. Recently have been getting into R&B and indie rock

Newport Dealer

Currently residing in Newport, RI with an eye for anything Rap/Hip-Hop related.

Get me to the Summer.

I got it if you need it.


 Duxbury, MA native and currently attending Lehigh University.

Boating, skiing and cooking are my three favorite ways to pass my days.

My music taste is varied, but I mainly listen to folk and country.

#1 on my bucket list: hot air balloon ride

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