Azealia Banks’ Mermaid Ball Mixtape
Jul 2012 14

We pegged her as “up-and-coming” when she released “212” back in the day, and, needless to say, Fresh Musikk has been keeping tabs on Azealia’s rise to superstardom ever since. Well, party ponies, Miz Banks has arrived! She’s performing tonight in LA at the Mermaid Ball and put out this mixtape yesterday to give fans just a taste of what to expect!¬†Take a listen, it’s beyond dope!

If you can, make sure to get tickets to The Mermaid Ball! Apart from our love, Azealia, The Mermaid Ball features Rye Rye, Charli XCX, Maluca, Gita, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu. Possibly the best part? The best mermaid costume wins $1,000 cash prize. Grab a glue gun & some fish nets and get your ass to that main stage. BOOM!

<3 Hazzard

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