Have you ever been listening to the radio when a song comes on and reminds you of a specific memory, and brings you back to that place? It has always amazed us that one lyric, one beat, or one song can make us instantly think of a person, place, or experience that we’ll always remember.

We all have songs that remind us of a person we love, a person we lost, someone who broke our hearts, someone who made us laugh, and memories that were created wrapped up in the soul of that song. The purpose of Fresh Musikk is to deliver the freshest new songs and artists that will hopefully remind you of a specific memory one day, as well as bring back some old school beats that will always be classic.

You’ll mostly see new “up and comer’s”, or new tracks from established musicians. We may like some songs from new artists and hate others; and while we can’t guarantee you’ll always agree with our opinion, we can honestly say that we only post the music we enjoy, and plays to our emotions. We hope at least one song makes you feel the same.

You can agree, disagree, love us, hate us, but we simply created this because we are passionate about music, and unlike a lot of uncertainties in life, music will always be there.


 Making Memories Through Music ~ Ride The Beat Back

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