“About That Life” – Diplo Ft. Jahan Lennon
Sep 2012 21

Diplo is no doubt an interesting character. WIth an ‘I – Don’t – Give – A – Fuck’ attitude, and an obvious affinity for risk, it results in an exploration of creativity through his music.

From trap, reggae, synthy electronica, and now to a 70’s infused hippie sensation, Diplo continues to defy genres and do as he pleases.

“About That Life” is an easy, smoked-out jam that even has a few middle-eastern influences within the production. The rolling, laid back vocals from Jahan Lennon match the Woodstock vibe – And just as the scene was recovering from the surprising new direction of the song, the producer went ahead and dropped an equally trippy video for it.

Keep doing you Diplo.

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