"Zombies In America" (Acoustic) – The Expendables
Jul 2013 10

I’m stoked to share The Expendables new single, “Zombies In America”, as part of Enthuzed’s, Summer Acoustic Series with Vita Coco!

The goal is to provide you with the summertime essentials, which include a refreshing drink, sunshine, and the perfect beach jam to tie it all together.

So whether you’re a fan of coconut water, zombies, or sweet, summer vibes, this video’s for you!

Hit play, and get ready to add it to the #SummerPlaylist! The single will be released this Friday!

The Expendables ~ Fresh Musikk

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Grum Remix)
Jul 2013 25

We’ve discussed how much we love Grum before, so it’s a huge compliment when I say that his remix of Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool” is one of his best tracks.

Let’s face it, both Phoenix and Grum need not try to be cool, they’re the fucking shit. Enjoy!

<3 Hazzard 

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The Wire – HAIM
Jul 2013 31

For avid FM readers, it’s no secret that I have a major girl crush on the HAIM sisters. They’re too cool for school in the best way possible, and I’ve yet to hear a song I’m not in love with.

The girls laid down a studio version for “The Wire”, which can only be described as the quintessentially modernized, 90’s beach song. So much like I associate my childhood beach days to Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby”, or “The Sign” by the epic, Ace of Base, this will be able to join that category in a weird, futuristic way.

HAIM ~ Fresh Musikk