Lord Huron – "Time to Run"
May 2013 01

As spring quickly blossoms into summer, songs like Lord Huron’s “Time To Run” are a surefire way to put a smile on my face and a dance in my step. After a massive Coachella comedown, songs like this make me yearn to be around fellow music lovers, singing and dancing together on a sun-drenched field.

While folk music is something I’d normally pass on by, I cannot deny that this LA-based indie folk band has stirred something within me. The sheer number of instrumentals coupled with Ben Schneider’s vocals and heartfelt lyrics are enough to fill any heart with joy.

<3 Hazzard

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May 2013 07

Pretty Lights’  A Color Map of the cialis soft tabs online Sun is one of the most anticipated albums of the summer, set to be released July 2, 2013.  Until then, enjoy jamming out to his new single “Around the Block,” a feel-good summertime tune which reflects the mood of the entire album.  You can download the album and the single on prettylightsmusic.com.



GRUM – &amp;quot;Everytime&amp;quot;
May 2013 07

Its been over three years since Grum first got me dancing with his incredible debut album, Heartbeats (it’s still one of my most-listened to albums), so imagine my joy when this Leeds-based producer released the first single off his upcoming album with “Everytime.” Funky, fresh and full of dance finesse, “Everytime” will get you goovin’ in no time. Take a listen to the extended version of the single above!

Welcome back, Grum!

<3 Hazzard

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&amp;quot;Wake Up Call&amp;quot; – Terence Ryan, Directed by Ryan Sheetz
May 2013 09

No matter how busy and congested our schedules become, there are artists you make exceptions for.

Terence Ryan is one of those artists for me.

I haven’t touched the blog scene in a week, but I made a point to watch his video, simply because I have come to expect and appreciate the quality of work that he puts forth. Ryan Sheetz, his directorial partner in crime, is one of the most creatively capable youngin’s in the game. If you don’t see this duo collaborating on a major motion picture and score within the next ten years, then you can come back and literally bite me in the ass for this post.

Creativity is all around us…and Terence and Ryan reminded me that that holds true even in a tiny, old apartment in the North End…


Watch out for The Revival LP, coming soon.

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&amp;quot;The Vita Tapes, Vol. 2&amp;quot; – Viceroy &amp;amp; Vita Coco
May 2013 13

Memorial day weekend is fast approaching, and for many of us that means cookouts, pool parties, and an excessive amount of drinking. For ALL of us, it means that Summer has officially arrived.

So while Viceroy has been keeping us warm with sunny vibes all year round, the weather finally fits the tune-age.

For those of you who don’t know, I joined the Vita Coco team earlier this year, and am stoked that we could be a part of his latest series, “The Vita Tapes, Vol. 2”! The track list eases you in like a sunny morning, and heats up to get the party started.

Track list:
1) 5 Reasons feat. Patrick Baker – Nightdrive in Moscow (Satin Jackets Reproduction)
2) Daft Punk – Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)
3) Jakwob – Fade (Le Youth Remix)
4) Robert Delong – Global Concepts (The Golden Pony Remix)
5) Rudimental ft Angel Haze -Hell Could Freeze (Skreamix)
6)Audiojack – These Days (Jimmy Edgar Implication)
7) Hello Seahorse – No Es Que No Te Quiera (Bufi Remix)
8) Tensnake featuring Syron – Mainline (Original Mix)
9) Ghosts of Venice – My Love ft. Josh Jakq (Original Mix)
10) Flight Facilities – I Didn’t Believe feat. Elizabeth Rose (Extended Version)

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Daft Punk – &amp;quot;Doin' It Right&amp;quot; ( Ft. Panda Bear )
May 2013 15

If you’re like me, you’ve been streaming Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories on repeat since it became available on Monday. In an age where social media and electronic music have both surged to record highs, it’s no surprise that RAM is one of the most buzzed about music releases in recent memory.

Everyone is clamoring to voice their opinion as quickly as possible, but that does not necessarily prove to be the best model for reviewing music. No questions about it, Daft Punk did something very different with RAM, making a swift departure from the generic ‘bass in your face’ EDM that’s been mercilessly assaulting us the past year and a half.

So, without giving you some bullshit breakdown of how RAM compares to Daft Punk’s past work, I’m going to share with you my favorite song on the album: “Doin’ It Right” featuring Panda Bear (of Animal Collective).

The song seems to transcend the majority of the album and is, in my opinion, one of the most feel good collaborations I’ve heard.

“If You Lose Your Way To-night / That’s How You Know The Ma-gic’s Right”