Fresh Foodie: Pineapple Brown Sugar Glazed Ham & Leftover Sandwiches
Apr 2013 02

I consider myself to be a healthy eater. Sure, I eat pretty much anything that comes my way, and there are few things that I don’t like – but I make sure to balance my indulgences with healthy eats.

All that goes to hell when it comes to pork. Before I started to cook, I always wondered why all the pro chefs had a sick unhealthy

glorious obsession with pig; but now that I can appreciate food and exactly what goes into a meal – I get it. Completely and totally.

So while Thanksgiving and Christmas gobble up the world’s turkeys for levitra generic india their holiday meal, Easter is dedicated to the pig.

Since my family was in sunny California, I took it upon myself to cook a ham with the Easter fixin’s for my bf and roommate. Lucky for me, my first attempt at cooking pig was a successful one!

Read on for the easiest Easter ham recipe possible, followed by a step by step process on how to make the most delicious leftover ham sandwiches on this side of the Charles River.

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"Give Me The Beat" – Ghostland Observatory
Apr 2013 02

Being on the cutting edge is nice, but sometimes it’s nicer to stumble upon a gem previously unknown to you. For the fast few days I’ve been bouncin’ along to “Give Me The Beat” by Ghostland Observatory, a funky electro-rock duo out of Austin, Texas. Take a listen and be the judge for yourself

(unless you’re laughing at me since this came out in 2010), but I think you’ll find yourself groovin’ right along to the beat.

Legs for days, they go both ways

<3 Hazzard

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[Free Download] Bixel Boys – &amp;amp;quot;Ride&amp;amp;quot;
Apr 2013 03

I don’t think we can get more funky than this! LA based funk masters, Bixel Boys, have just released “Ride” for free download!  Utilizing the sexy and magical voice of Ciara, the boys turn this R&B hit into a dance friendly, bass-laden monster. I suggest you download this track immediately and ride that beat like a motherfuckin’ freak.

<3 Hazzard

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Sunnies Friday: &amp;amp;quot;If I Lose Myself&amp;amp;quot; – OneRepublic (Alesso Remix)
Apr 2013 05

Post grad problems.

No one thinks it’s going to happen to them, but it will.

Psh. “I’m going to still be going out 3-4 nights a week when I’m 24”.

Right, get back to me on that one; because I definitely said it too.

When I knew I was in for a rough night in college, my bff and I used to write on our hands, “If found, please return to room #514.” We thought it was a funny little joke until one night when she actually

wrote down the wrong room number…

So why am I running down memory lane? Because, “If I lose myself tonight” should essentially be every college student’s motto – and for those festitutes festival groupies festival lovers who aren’t ready to quit it just yet…
Doesn’t everybody lose theirselves on the dance floor?

Thank you Alesso for remixing OneRepublic’s song, “If I Lose Myself” into the next dance floor must. I spy a boy crush between Alesso + Ryan Tedder!

Fresh Musikk

Sunnies Friday is dedicated to everyone out there who is rewarded by Thursday with a hangover Friday morning; The song dedicated to the cause will be inspirational, easy to listen to, and help you be on the mend for your friday night which starts in a few short hours.

Wake Your Synapses (DTSENG edit)
Apr 2013 09

A buddy of mine crafted this nifty little remix of Cosmic Gate’s “Wake Your Mind” and Deadmau5′ “Aural Synapse,” and they sound pretty damn groovy together!

The vocals come in a bit low, but I think that’s fine for this remix, where the instrumentals do more to mentally transport you to a place of placid

self-reflection than anything else. If anything, the vocals simply guide you along the way.

Take a listen and enjoy!

<3 Hazzard

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Musikk Video: &amp;amp;quot;Power Trip&amp;amp;quot; – J. Cole ft. Miguel
Apr 2013 10

J. Cole

Let me drop some major “shit girls say” lines on you…

I could

see myself dating J.Cole. Not because I’d even have a chance – but because I really feel like he’s a nice, and down to earth person. His passion, delivery, buying viagra and lyrical substance is incredibly attractive- and simply leads me to believe that he’s genuine.

And “Power Trip”. Ooooh baby. The things that you can do to that song!

So, J – c’mon, all I wanted was a sultry video, with some sexy smiles thrown in for good measure. Naturally, we got strippers, a love triangle, and a sad ending for Miguel…

Fresh Musikk

&amp;amp;quot;Oh Sailor&amp;amp;quot; – Mr Little Jeans
Apr 2013 11

Mr. Little Jeans personifies a modern day lullaby.

Her latest single, “Oh Sailor” eases you into a mellow, lackadaisical frame of mind, and instills a sense of calm.

I’m unsure if I’m reacting to a sever lack of sleep, or have become encapsulated by her sing-song approach, but I was completely motionless and in order viagra canada a trance

like state while watching this video – and it is exactly what I needed.

Mr. Little Jeans ~ Fresh Musikk

Futurecop! – Misanthr:)pist Wolf
Apr 2013 12

Futurecop! just gets me. I mean, they’re perfect. As I drive off into the Coachella wild this weekend, this shall be my theme song. Well, one of them, at any rate.

The track opens with a dreamlike quality of 80s-inspired dance and quickly gets darker and edgier with every howl. This is one of the first releases off Futurecop’s upcoming album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, which is getting major support from the likes of Crystal Castles, Diplo and Annie Mac.

<3 Hazzard

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