"Golden Sun" – Lowrider
Mar 2013 04

The great thing about music is that it can transport you to a place that rivals your daydreams, subsequently igniting an emotion or mood that you otherwise wouldn’t be feeling. The Australian group, Lowrider, is still riding the coattails of summer down under, and it shines through this sunny beat.

“Golden Sun” elicits images of wind blowing through my hair, from a sea-searching convertible, as the warm but fading sunlight glows on my skin. Feelings of a serene and

euphoric peace wash over me through the rolling melody.

And while their summer is fading,

I can smile knowing that this song is leading the US into sunny days ahead.

“Golden Sun” is featured on their latest album, Black Stones, which you can stream here.

Lowrider ~ Fresh Musikk

* As a side note, my daydream came to fruition before I even saw the video… Great minds think alike.

Must Have Album: 'Anxiety' by Autre Ne Veut
Mar 2013 05

I can wholeheartedly tell you that Anxiety, the new album by Autre Ne Veut, is stunningly beautiful. My friend turned me on to Autre Ne Veut (who is also known as Arthur Ashin), but I foolishly neglected “Play By Play” for the longest time, letting it linger in my inbox when it should have been streaming straight into my ears.

Autre Ne Veut has been labeled as an R&B artist, but his music is so much more than one genre. In fact, I’ve never heard music like his before. The album, while being a very cohesive and moving piece of art, covers so many musical landscapes that it’s hard to define. From Ne Veut’s signature falsetto to the wondrous production done on each track, this transcends genre–it is universally good music.

The album’s title, Anxiety, stems from a heartbreak Ne Veut once endured, insofar as the ten tracks seem to begin as a plea to not be left alone in love and builds to an understanding that, in fact, the relationship is over. “No

way you’re gonna be my baby.”

The entire album is on Spotify, so you have no excuse to not listen. Plus, it’s streaming below!

<3 Hazzard

Autre Ne Veut Facebook ~ Twitter // Fresh Musikk Facebook ~ Twitter

&amp;amp;amp;quot;Ray Ban Vision:&amp;amp;amp;quot; A-Trak ft. CyHi Da Prynce
Mar 2013 06

Yesterday I treated myself to a new pair of Ray Bans… Okay, my first pair

of Ray Bans.   Shortly after I bought them, this gem came on a Spotify radio station (Macklemore Radio, if you were curious).  A-Trak’s “Ray Ban Vision” is the perfect pump up song for any occasion that calls for a pair of shades.  Unfortunately I woke up to a rainy San Francisco forecast.  But who am I kidding?  I’m wearing them anyway.

Thanks, Avery!


Musikk Video: &amp;amp;amp;quot;Sweater Weather&amp;amp;amp;quot; – The Neighbourhood Remake
Mar 2013 06

Will The Neighbourhood make our “Best of 2013”  music video lists two years in a row- incidentally with the same song?

The obviously artistic group re-released “Sweater Weather’ with a new video that serves as an update to the original. They embark on a search for happiness as they weave themselves through an ironic series of beautiful imagery. You could focus on the black and white tendencies which they serves as a force to prove the solidarity that music holds; but for this video, I chose to see the grey as the song reflects the feelings of a person searching for something that just

feels… right.

And as always, my praises won’t do them justice.

The Neighbourhood ~ Fresh Musikk


Cherub – 100 Bottles EP
Mar 2013 07

Cherub gave me an early birthday present yesterday when they released their new EP, 100 Bottles via ThisSongIsSick.com. 

Of course

I wasted absolutely no time popping the top off this EP like it was a 1825 Perrier-Jouët, and let me tell you, every musical drop is delectable. The opening track, “Heartbreaker,” has irresistible lyrics that most of us can relate to (I mean, you either 1. are that bougie-ass bitch, 2. know a bougie-ass bitch, or 3. secretly aspire to be that bougie-ass bitch), but however you slice it, the song is an amazing jam to dance to.

Other favorite tracks on the EP include “Do I (Where We Are)” and “Promise,” which both ooze

their own flavor of funk and evoke a different emotional response. “Do I” is an ode to the end of a relationship, wherein each party is partitally responsible for the demise of love, and yet it’s impossible not to dance along to the sweet feeling of libiration that accompanies any split (there is always a silver lining, and if at first you can’t see it, perhaps you’re not looking hard enough).

For me, “Promise” ushers in feelings of nostalgia and memories of people, both presently in my life and in my past, who are very dear to my heart. We cannot predict what the future may hold, nor can we ever promise that we will not change, but we can always hold onto the memories that we have.

Stream the full EP below!

<3 Hazzard

Musikk Video: Nicky Romero vs. Avicii &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;I Could Be the One&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;
Mar 2013 07

We’ve all experienced it.  Work is getting pay someone to do essay monotonous, life is getting stale, and we just want to give everyone the middle finger and take control.  This hilarious music video illustrates this very experience, and I nearly pissed myself laughing when

my buddy Aaron introduced it to me.  And the song is pretty dope, too.  Enjoy!


&amp;amp;amp;quot;Power Trip&amp;amp;amp;quot; – J. Cole ft. Miguel (SoMo Cover)
Mar 2013 08

J. Cole & Miguel’s “Power Trip” is right down SoMo’s alley –

gimme more of THAT!

Slow it down, add some soul, and a dose of sex appeal, and you’ve got SoMo’s remedy for success. The Dallas heartthrob does a great cover of the song, while making it his own – and giving you one more reason to get down and dirty this weekend. And it’s almost about that time…

Hit play at 2 am.

SoMo ~

Fresh Musikk

Free Mixtape: &amp;amp;quot;Radio Surfer&amp;amp;quot; – JohnThat
Mar 2013 11

JohnThat first came at us back in the summer with a fantastic rendition of Biggie’s legendary track, “Juicy”, and now he’s back with his debut mixtape, Radio Surfer.

His laid back style exudes sunshine through your speakers, as we anxiously head into Springtime, searching for warmer weather! Well f*ck that groundhog that told us Spring was coming early, as we’ve now endured 3 major blizzards – I’m taking JT with me to warm up.

His style incorporates musical influences from the likes of Slightly Stoopid and The Dirty Heads, while combining pop, reggae, and island loving sounds.

I’m digging his style, and will be interested to watch him as he continues to develop; Some standouts for me were “All Love”, “Juicy”, “She Gimme That”, and “The Calmdown.” I didn’t enjoy all the downtime chatter between songs though – just gimme

the music boi! That being said, the kid’s onto something…

Download Radio Surfer for free here!

JohnThat ~ Fresh Musikk

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