"The Sound of Creation" – Wash Out
Feb 2013 01

Whoa where am I?

I feel like I’m swimming in a tropical, majestic place surrounded by vibrant green plant life, and swimming in and out of waterfalls.

Washed Out teamed up with Phillips to create an “autobiographical exploration of his music influences”, and came up with “The Sound of Creation.” The chillwave composition combines a fluidity of sounds that make me want to explore, reflect, float, sleep, get down to it, and of course, chill,

all at the same time.

But don’t be surprised if

you abrubtly snap out of that rhythmic trance as the song ends much too soon.

Washed Out ~ Fresh Musikk

"Always Alright" -Alabama Shakes (Silver Linings Playbook Soundtrack)
Feb 2013 01

I went and saw

Silver Linings Playbook this past weekend with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Impeccably cast, surprisingly touching, undeniably comical.   Mental illness runs rampant in my family, but let’s face it… we’re all a little fucked up in the head.  Silver Linings Playbook brilliantly illuminates this reality through comedy without being insensitive.

I’ll get to the point.  The soundtrack is the shit, highlighted by “Always Alright” by Alabama Shakes.  Have a listen.

TGIF, shoutout to all the crazies out there. Love you.




Rihanna – Jump (Club Cheval Rap Remix feat. Theophilus London)
Feb 2013 01

It’s #FF.

In my house that means, it’s f*cking Friday!

This past Monday morning I woke up and new I was going hard this weekend. FF – fast forward – five days later and my MM – Monday morning – predictions were right. It’s time to celebrate.

Mr. London graced us with the ultimate song to get us going with his latest remix to Rihanna’s “Jump.” Club Cheval takes the reigns with production, while Theo lays down some gritty verses. The track ends up being a good combination of RiRi’s sultry, sexy vocals, and a darker, edgier rap rager.

This is staying at the top of the playlist tonight, and riding me through the weekend. Thanks Theophilus.

Fresh Musikk

Super Bowl XLVIII: Beyonce Rules All in Beyonce Bowl
Feb 2013 04

If you weren’t a Beyonce Believer before, you sure as hell are now.

The stunning, electric performance completely revolutionized the vibe of our Super

Bowl party; it was like we all had an instant automatic reaction to jump out of our seats and start screaming and dancing and belting

out lyrics like we were part of the audience. It wasn’t even like any of us were huge Beyonce fans!?! It was as if we had no control over our bodies in response to the absolutely mind blowing performance, and total addictiveness of her smoltering gaze and hip-thrusting dance moves.

Her medley of over a decade’s worth of hits began with one of my all time favorites, “Crazy In Love”, in which everyone in the room became speachless by her definitive fierceness and undeniable hotness.

And when Destiny’s Child came out?? It was as if Justin Timberlake and Kate Upton had walked through the door – people went nuts. Myself included.

In honor of the “Say My Name” exclusion, it undoubtedly made the rounds on the speakers before the game started again.

All hail Beyonce, and the best Super Bowl performance we’ve seen in YEARS.

* If above video isn’t working, watch below.

Fresh Musikk


Musikk Video: "Open" – Rhye
Feb 2013 05

“Open” made the list as

one of our favorite songs in 2012 – and you don’t need me to

explain why, the music speaks for itself.

The mysteriously beautiful duo already released a video for “Open”, but must have wanted to remind us just how special this song is. The achingly raw lyrics are portrayed through a young couple experiencing the ups and downs of a relationship; The haunting imagery is just as emotional as the song, and leaves you wanting more.

In fact, you may notice that one of the scenes connects to their previous video for “The Fall”…

Rhye ~ Fresh Musikk

PS – Also check out their mix for Valentines Day which is inspired by a little l.o.v.e.

[new] YELLE – "L'Amour Parfait"
Feb 2013 06

As I’ve mentioned, I’m basically a

Yelle fanatic, so you can imagine my delight when my beloved French pop-tart posted a brand new song, “L’Amour Parfait,” on her Facebook and Soundcloud pages yesterday!

Yelle has a flare for incorporating unique sounds

and beats with her music, and  “L’Amour Parfait” is no exception. Opening with a low-pitch voice that ushers in the beat, the song has a deep, sexy sound to it that… well, honestly, it makes me want to French kiss almost everyone I see.

Fun, deep, sexy and undeniably Yelle, I cannot think of a better hump-day treat!

<3 Hazzard


&amp;amp;quot;Head.Cars.Bending&amp;amp;quot; – The 1975
Feb 2013 06

The 1975 is quickly becoming my new favorite band, and I’m anxiously awaiting the moment when they decide to tour in the US!

The British quartet

came up big at the end of last year with songs like “Sex” and more recently, “Chocolate”, where they can now add “Head.Cars.Bending” to the list. The latest is featured on their highly anticipated EP, Music For Cars, and reiterates their domination of this sexified

pop sound – which leaves me craving new music almost as much as my boyfriend.

Okay. Well, that’s not true, but it makes a case for how undeniably awesome they are.

Music For Cars is due out March 3rd so get excited!

The 1975 ~ Fresh Musikk


Porter Robinson and Seven Lions @ The Warfield – San Francisco, CA
Feb 2013 06

Although my last visit to the Warfield was, let’s say, less than memorable, this time around was much improved.  Immediately when I entered the venue, I could feel the tension as rave-clad ladies and gents in their mid-twenties (okay, teens too)

itched to pump their fists and shuffle across the dance floor.  I’m glad I wasn’t the only eager one.

Seven Lions took the stage and within five minutes everyone had forgotten they’d come to see

Porter Robinson.  Either that or they thought he was Porter Robinson, I couldn’t tell which.  It didn’t matter, though.  All that mattered was the bright lights and bangin’ beats.  Seven Lions wasn’t on my radar prior to this weekend but I’ve since downloaded much of his work.  Check out his song “Fractals.”

Porter took over the reigns after a much-appreciated dub-set by Seven Lions.  He opened with “Easy,” the Matt Zo Collaboration. At his first heavy drop, I could feel beer and whiskey gingers raining from the sky as riled ravers tossed their drinks into the air.  His set pinnacled with “Say My Name,” and the crowd once again went nuts.  From there the night got hazy but all I know is I never stopped moving and by night’s end I was drenched in booze, sweat and tears of joy.  Porter gets better and better each time I see him, and if you’ve never listened to one of his full live mixes I highly recommend consulting Google.com.  Here’s his BBC Radio One Essential Mix.  Enjoy!



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