FM Lifestyle: K.Roth Goes to Australia, Vol. 1
Jan 2013 01

“It’s a trip of a lifetime!”­­­­­

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

“I’m SO jealous!”

“You are so lucky!”

Australia. Three weeks. Me. And my family.

Pretty incredible right? To say that I was shocked that my Mother’s lifelong dream of going to Australia was a very real reality that was a mere six weeks away, would be a vast understatement. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Years of talk and false alarms that we’d be ‘going in the fall’ never came to fruition, so hearing that the flights were booked and we’d be leaving a few days after Christmas came like a blow.

But let me back up.

I LOVE traveling. A part of my heart is salaciously always wanting more. More exotic places, more cultures, spicier flavors of food, and the never ending search for the perfectly untouched paradise.

I was lucky enough to begin my worldly adventures at a very young age; While many excursions included warm weathered, beach-centric destinations, I craved the addictive feeling of chasing the horizon…searching for something more.

When I got older I was introduced to anxiety, which contained my fire, and limited my innate need to travel. It became a constant battle of wanting to touch, taste, feel, & see the world, while fighting a terror about the “in-transit” necessity.

Thus, leaving me with a swirl of emotions about my trip.

I was bombarded with messages, exclamations, jealous excitement, eye-rolling exasperation, and a complete lack of understanding on how I could feel the least bit worried.

I know this is an incredible opportunity – one that I may never have the chance to experience in quite the same way that I’m about to again. I am excited. I am blessed. I am gracious, thankful, and uninhibited with my imaginative ‘to-do’ list.

But then I feel it. That creeping thought sneaking in the back of my head, softly knocking on the door, fighting its way to the forefront – itching to spiral into a whirlwind of doubt.

The guilt of not feeling 100% excited – not being able to be fully thrilled about this trip –  fought to overpower the other emotions.

The weeks turned into days, and the days into hours until my 24 hour journey across the world commenced. I took each week, day, hour, minute, and second as it came, and confronted as much as I could, knowing that in the end, I could never be able to live with the regret of not going.

And as I sit here typing this to family, friends, and my extended FM lovers, listening to John Butler’s “Ocean (2012)” flooding through my Bowers & Wilkins, you know what I’m thinking?

I f*cking did it!!

Hello Australia!

Check back in for the second installation of the Sydney Series, later this week!
K.Roth Disclosure: As part of our Fresh Musikk Lifestyle venture, I am ecstatic to announce that this will be our first official feature as part of our Travel series. I will be documenting my trip throughout the next few weeks, and hope to impart some knowledge, inspiration, and travel tips to the incredible

readers part of our FM family.

New Album: "Live from the Artists Den: 2012"
Jan 2013 02

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Artists Den is a television series in its fifth season that “pairs world-class musicians with unique venues to create once-in-a-lifetime concerts.” The show airs weekly concerts on Public Television and this album is a compilation of the artists who performed this past fall.

The featured musicians range from Norah Jones and Kid Rock to Death Cab for Cutie and The Wallflowers. This album has such a unique blend of sounds that I think it could appeal to literally anyone.

My favorite tracks off of it are Kid Rock’s “Born Free” which is reminiscent of a Springsteen sound and Amos Lee’s “Street Corner Preacher.”

Other songs that deserve an honorable mention would

be Mayer Hawthorne’s soulful song “The Walk” and Norah Jones’ “Say Goodbye.”

Go to this website or iTunes to check out the album:

The Artists Den

And become a fan of them on Facebook to learn about upcoming concerts and their TV schedule:

The Artists Den Facebook


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"Dancing The Night Out" (Bee Gees vs. Martin Solveig) – lobsterdust mashup
Jan 2013 02

I love a good mashup as much as the next person.  But for me, a great mashup is one that mixes the new and noteworthy with the classics.

So naturally when I stumbled on this mashup by lobsterdust, I was thrilled.  In this mashup, lobsterdust creates the perfect combination of the classic Bee Gees hit “You Should Be Dancing” and the recent Martin Solveig hit “The Night Out.”  The mashup he creates has a great beat, and well, it’s just fun.  That’s probably the best word to describe it.

In fact, all of lobsterdust’s mashups are fun, most of them similar to this one, combining old classics with recent chart toppers.  It’s difficult to listen to any of his mashups without getting the urge to get up and dance around the room.  Be sure to check out more of his mashups at his Soundcloud, which I’ve linked here.

Okay but seriously, I dare you to try to listen to this mashup without tapping your foot to the

beat or getting up to dance.  I bet that you can’t do it.  I certainly couldn’t.

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Cherub Live Set @ The Mint in Los Angeles
Jan 2013 02

On December 27th I woke up in snowy Minneapolis at 4:45 AM to fly home to sunny Los Angeles after all the Christmas frivolities had wrapped. It had been an exceptionally long day,

but I was positively brimming with excitement: Cherub, one of my favorite bands, was set to perform in LA and I was going to see them live for my very first time.

The Mint is an intimate venue with a grungy, dive-bar feel to it. The staff are friendly and the drinks are strong, so by my standards, it’s a perfect bar that I plan to frequent more often. Cherub was taking the stage 11 PM and had two bands I was not previously familiar with, Mind The Gap and Mystery Skulls,  opening the night.

Mind The Gap started the night right with a lively performance of some truly catchy and fun original songs. I thought their stage presence and fun-loving style was infectious; I’m eager to explore more of their music and follow their budding career. Likewise, Mystery Skulls further filled my musical appetite. Armed with just a keyboard and his own soaring vocals, Skulls worked the audience into a pre-Cherub frenzy and captured my heart all at the same time. Be sure to look for future posts on these two up-and-coming bands!

At 11 PM Cherub took the stage with their signature croon and unabashed coolness. Jordan and Jason, who gave us one of our best interviews on Fresh Musikk, exceeded the already high expectations I had for their live show. Surrounded by experienced Cherub lovers and virgins alike, the duo wowed with soulful renditions of “XOXO,” “Monogamy,” “Lynndenberries” and “Hold Me,” to name just a few of my favorite songs off their critically acclaimed album, MoM & DaD. 

Jordan and Jason are talented and passionate musicians to their core, which is absolutely exhibited during their live show. Throughout their performance they incorporated live mash-ups of songs from a varying artists–my favorite of which fused Daft Punk’s “Around The World” with another hit (which I embarrassingly cannot remember at the moment, but which I can guarantee you was damn good), so Jordan and Jason, if you’re reading this, let us know!

When “Doses and Mimosas” played, I felt my soul melt. The crowed surged and sang along with heartfelt zest as Cherub closed the stage and expressed their love and gratitude for all the fans who’d come to see their first show in L.A. (Musical) scholars and gentlemen to the bone, Cherub closed the set and re-opened the bar, urging the crowd to stay and party with them… we’d all be singing “Dear Body” the next day.

<3 Hazzard

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Huge shout out to Emilie and Ryan at HK Management for being so wonderful!


Azealia Banks – Bad Bitches Do It (BBD)
Jan 2013 04

Our favorite liquorice bitch out of the 212 is back! Azealia has been much too quiet as of late, but that’s about to change as she’s set to drop her album, Broke With Expensive Taste, in February of 2013. I mean… thank God!

Check out Azealia’s latest, “Bad Bitches Do It (BBD),” above & you’ll be just as excited as I am for

the release of her album next month. I seriously have this on repeat right now.

Do It, Bad Bitches, Do It!

<3 Hazzard

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The Holy Coast – Make Room (MyKill Remix)
Jan 2013 07

The holidays are over and a new year is upon us. While the holidays are undoubtedly a time for family and friends, there is no denying the mayhem and sheer chaos that surrounds all the pre-holiday preparatory work, travel arrangements and family feuding that inevitably happens when you’re all stuck

in the same house for a few days… So, if you’re in need for a mood stabilizer to ease you into 2013, look no further!

Fresh Musikk favorite, DJ MyKill, has remixed The Holy Coast’s “Make Room” to nu-disco perfection just in time for your drive back to work.  Take a deep breath and chillax with this jam above!

<3 Hazzard

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FM Lifestyle: K. Roth Goes to Australia, Vol. 2
Jan 2013 07

I have a new POA.

No more Marketing career path, social media queen bee, or Blogstar dreams. I’m moving to Australia and starting a bikini line.

If you know me personally, you pretty much know that I hve the ability to walk into any store and find a bikini to purchase.

Basically, I got my shopping addiction from my momma.

And my absolute favorite (problem area) obsessive thing to buy is bathing suits.

So when I tell you that I’ve been in Australia- Sydney and now Melbourne- for ten days, no less than 26 surf shops, boutiques, and department stores, and I have not bought a single bathing suit.

It’s heartbreaking. Screw your first loves, or college boyfriend- THIS, is truly devastating.

To set the scene, it’s as if we rewound back to 1994, made strapless tops mandatory, full coverage saggy- ass bottoms, and slapped my grandma’s floral tablecloth on as the pattern, then asked customers to pay $178 for it.

And the best part? There’s three brands, each with 4 SKU’s each, giving Australia’s 23 million person population a whopping 12 options for bikini purchases.

You walk on the beach and 18 other biddies

are wearing the same ugly ass ‘bikini’ as you and you’re all brainwashed into thinking its cute- simply because its the best of the worst.

I’m not sure how this happened. Especially with a culture that lives on the beach ten months out of the year. Maybe it’s because it’s so far away? Maybe it’s not ready for Europe or Americas skimpyness? Frankly, I’m not quite sure and I really don’t know how to digest this.

Yup guys. I’m about to come in on the big bucks. Later US!  And hello Aussies, let me introduce to you my good friend the Brazillian bikini bum.

~ k.roth

ps – Ironically enough, the second post was supposed to be about my favorite travel moments in Sydney…I guess I got caught up in the heat of the moment. That will come next post!

Skrillex – Leaving EP
Jan 2013 08

Skrillex, the Godfather of Dubstep, is one of the leaders ushering EDM music into mainstream America. His unique sounds and bone-rattling “whomp whomps” have left their mark on musical history and continue to inundate us in popular culture (listen to his collaboration with Rihanna in “Jump” off her Unapologetic album if you don’t believe me).

Like any musician, Skrillex is constantly evolving his sound as to not fall out of favor with his fans. The outcome of his musical evolution is an encouraging, exciting and intelligent sound. Holding true to his dubstep prowess while taking his sound in a slightly new direction, Skrill’s new EP will bring him even more followers while keeping his current fan base fully satisfied. Check out a full run of the EP above with each song individually

listed below.

<3 Hazzard

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