Lay Up Remix; Meek Mill ft Rick Ross, Trey Songz, & Jay Z
Dec 2012 01

I’m loving the way Songz uses his incredible talented voice on a solid, proven hip hop beat. Personally, I think Jay-Z brings a quality 16 that absolutely flows with the song. Apparently Jay didn’t like the way his verse came out and didn’t give the green light, but

luckily this surfaced a few weeks later. Obviously Rozay lays down two quality verses as well.  A unique blend of heavy, talented rap artists mixed with a smooth R&B hook makes a great song.

This song was originally on Meek Mill’s ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ tape which has had great success.  Download here:


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"Die Young" – Gallant Prod. by Felix Snow (Ke$ha Cover)
Dec 2012 03

There are a select few people that could get me to listen to a Ke$ha song; And to take it a step further, there’s cialis 5mg an even smaller percentage of people that would leave me blown away by it.

Gallant strips “Die Youn

g” down to its core, and makes his sweet falsetto the focal point; His vocals shine over the almost unrecognizable beat from Felix Snow – who slowed down the track and created an ethereal, dream-like vibe.

Everything about this

song is beautiful, and it’s one hell of a way to start your Monday morning.

Free Download!

Gallant /// Fresh Musikk

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"Pop Life" (A Mashup of 20 Top Pop Hits of 2012)- Bobby Fisher
Dec 2012 03

So I’m sneaking this one into the wee hours of mashup Monday because its just too perfect and even though Bobby Fisher came out with “Pop Life” about a month ago, I heard it for the first time tonight.

I had fallen victim to the classic problem many gym rats run (PUNNY) into: finding a good playlist that actually distracts you from thinking about getting off the machine every five seconds. For me, its a mixture of current songs that I haven’t gotten sick of yet and motivational beats.

I happened to stumble on “Pop Life”  on the 8tracks playlist This is the Pre Game, which I had specifically chosen to kill two birds with one stone, a new pre-game and workout playlist. Fortunately, for me that is exactly what I got and “Pop Life” was the perfect first track.

The combination of songs from “Gangnam Style” to “Mercy” is literally too on point. Every single one Fisher used in his mashup is a track that I still love and he mixes them together seamlessly. PLUS, it’s a free download!

So I highly suggest you give “Pop Life” and the 8tracks playlist This is the Pre Game a listen this weekend because its bound to get you pumped.

Like Bobby Fisher and get the free download on his FaceBook:


Fresh Musikk’s FaceBook//Twitter

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Musikk Video: "F*ckin Problem" – ASAP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar
Dec 2012 04

If I need to watch a standard, unoriginal rap video for an excuse to listen to “F*ckin Problem” again, then I’m down.

If you think this video is going to be anything other than big-bootied bad bitches and close up shots of hand gestures, than your expectations are too high.

Does that mean this song isn’t still f*cking awesome? Hell no.

A$AP, Kendrick, 2Chaiiiiiinz, and Drizzy should run the

country just for one day – just for the hell of it.

Fresh Musikk ~ Twitter

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The Magician: Magic Tape Twenty-Seven
Dec 2012 04

I think it is pretty self-evident that The Magician is f*cking magic. I mean, you would not ask if Gandalf the Grey or Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore were magic, would you? It’s basically just common knowledge. But, if for whatever reason you need further convincing, I recommend taking

a listen to Magic Tape Twenty-Seven above. If the Magician’s melodic mastery does not cast a spell over you, then congratulations, you’re impervious to the dancing charm that’s had me in a trance all week long.

Long live magic & be sure to grab that free download!

<3 Hazzard 

The Magician Facebook ~ Twitter // Fresh Musikk Facebook ~ Twitter

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&quot;Life In Color&quot; – Adventure Club
Dec 2012 04

Adventure Club just gets it. I’ve never disliked something that they’ve created, and they are becoming synonymous with quality, creative production.

Lucky for us, they released a half hour mix of some of their favorite songs featuring the likes of Ellie Goulding, Flight Facilities, TNGHT, Yuna and more! “Life In Color” mashes some of their previous mixes with additional edits, newer remixes, and a steady power-driven beat.
I tried to get this up in time for the post work (or

post class) workout but alas, the real world got in the way. SO let’s fast forward to tomorrow morning and wake up with a bang (or bass drop) and so a little early morning run sesh.

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&amp;quot;Fill Me In&amp;quot; – Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg
Dec 2012 05

FM should just start a weekly ‘sexy song series’ featuring a song that sets the right mood for you to do your damn thang; The problem (or great thing) with this is that Ryan Hemsworth would probably be featured every week.

His latest offering is a bootleg of Craig David’s throwback jam, “Fill Me In” – which begs the question: “Yo Craig! Where you at these days – fill me in!!” This easy breezy throwback, gets you ready for

the weekend, and thoughts of creeping round late at night…

Ryan Hemsworth /// Fresh Musikk

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FM Lifestyle: People Are Awesome
Dec 2012 05

Hey, are people awesome or what?! This latest FM Lifestyle video is nothing short of awe inspiring with its incredible feats, and adventure filled accomplishments. It makes me wish that I had even an ounce of these people’s talents; I figure that would mean I could do something like: a back flip while standing on perfectly flat and safe surface, skiing down a powder filled blue diamond, surfing pretty steadily on ankle biting waves, or banging out that rock wall expertly at the gym.

There’s a lot of GoPro and RedBull footage intermixed throughout the video. Damn boi. These people are

incredible, and i’m incredibly jealous.


Fresh Musikk

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