"Back Seat" – Atlas Genius (Goldroom Remix)
Nov 2012 01

Two great artists in one post – that’s what I like to see!

Goldroom remixed Atlas Genius’s easy-listening single, “Back Seat”, and turned it into a tropical piña colada kind of day. I wouldn’t go so far to say it turned into a summery beach party, but the sunny synths infuse the song with a warm-weathered energy that make me miss those breezy summer days. With the impending cold weather looming, I will literally do anything to hold on to the wisps of summer, as well as my entirely faded tan…

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TBT: "Strictly Game" – Harlem Shakes
Nov 2012 01

TBT. Haven’t done this in a minute and a half.

As I was scouring the web for new music today I came across a song called “Harlem Shake” and was promptly reminded of the band, Harlem Shakes. To my dismay, the NYC band broke up in 2009, but that doesn’t mean songs like “Strictly Game” don’t live on!

I was introduced to the indie-folk group by my always current cousin back in 2008, when I invited myself and K.Ry to stay with him on the west coast for an absurdly long amount of time. God damn I was oblivious in my college days.

While I may have annoyed the shit out of him for two weeks, I got some pretty good music and awesome memories out of the deal. When I returned to Boston, I replayed “Strictly Game” over and over, with the phrase, “these east coast kids, man, we just don’t know” reverberating within my brain…openly agreeing with that statement after adopting a left coast lifestyle those past few weeks.

The song preaches a mantra that is so easy to come by, but all to hard to follow: Be positive, and don’t dwell on the little things.

Trust me, I KNOW what it means to get caught up in things that either a. doesn’t justify the time you spend thinking about it in the first place, or b. will ultimately not make a difference in the long run.

Shit happens. Some of it seems like a bigger deal than others, and maybe it is – but how you react and move forward with that information is something that is in your control, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

So if you need to be sad – then let yourself be sad! Cry til you can’t cry no more! Scream in your pillow better than any tween actress ever has! Punch your stuffed animal and then apologize later – NOBODY WILL KNOW!

But then, let it be. You released all of your negative energy, and it’s time to move forward. Learn from it, do things differently, and move on with your life. Besides, if you’re constantly worrying about something, you’re gonna have to spend a hell of a lot on Botox in the coming years!

“Make a lot of money, take a lot of shit, feel real bad then get over it! This will be a better year!”

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"Walls" – Terence Ryan
Nov 2012 01

Terence Ryan is most definitely one of our top new artists of 2012. Easily.

We had the great pleasure of hanging out with the kid this summer and saw his passion shine through in true form. This young artist is mature beyond his years, and consistently proves that quality is greater than quantity.

After months of flying under the radar, Terence is back with his latest single, “Walls”, which like all of his other songs, is written, produced, and recorded by Terence himself. The all-original track showcases his slightly darker musical stylings, and subdued vocals; The compilation is perfect for a reflective mood, and those days when you just need a minute to yourself…

Check out our interview with Terence below, and the acoustic series that we helped film for our bros over at Enthuzed!

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"The Good Life" – Cisco Adler ft. Mod Sun and Pat Brown
Nov 2012 02

I think Sandy rattled all of us here on the east coast.  But for all of the destruction she caused, Sandy did cancel classes and send me home, so I guess I have that to thank her for.

It’s while I’ve been home, though, that I realized just how much I needed a break.  Life is stressful, and there’s just so much going on I cheapest cialis always feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Not a pleasant feeling, let me tell you.

So I’m sure you all understand how nice it was to get away from it all for a week.  And well sh*t, I just needed to relax.

But clearly I can’t just take a week off every time things get stressful.  That’s where Cisco Adler’s “The Good Life” comes in.  Slow, calming beats and a summer oasis feel, it’s the perfect song to kick back and relax to.

So the next time things are getting tough, plug your headphones in…close your eyes…play this song, and I swear you’ll be livin’ the good life.

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"Sheets Down" – Connor Christian & Southern Gothic
Nov 2012 03

Connor Christian & Southern Gothic (CCSG) is a country band that was just named “Artist On The Verge- Best Bets of 2012” by Billboard Magazine. Their first album was released in 2007 and they have toured with bands such as the Counting Crows, Big & Rich and Uncle Kracker.

What I like about this band is not only their blend of rock, bluegrass and country, but their understanding of how the music industry is changing. While they have a niche following, CCSG realizes that the music industry caters only to artists who can become mainstream.

So when CCSG received the opportunity to make a music video for their song “Sheets Down” with famed video director/producer Mil Cannon they knew the funding would have to come from those who continuously support their music: the fans.While the song is fantastic, CCSG realizes that videos are an essential part 25mg viagra of music and in order to generate a bigger fan following CCSG believes they need one.

Therefore, they have used the website Kickstarter, which is essentially a funding platform for creative projects, to generate enough to shoot the video. Listen to “Sheets Down” as well as their other music on soundcloud and if enjoy it then make a contribution to CCSG’s effort on Kickstarter!

Check out their other songs here

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Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort: "Everybody" – The Lonely Biscuits
Nov 2012 05


I wrote a letter the other day explaining how everything happens for a reason…even if you don’t immediately understand why.

In similar fashion, the boys of The Lonely Biscuits recorded and filmed a music video this summer in the Jersey Shore called “Everybody”. The song weaves through lyrics about letting go of the things that are out of our control, and focusing on the positive to move forward; They initially chose not to release it citing there was no true emotional connection to the lyrics.

Then Sandy hit.

The Shore and many parts of the east coast were devastated, and the process of rebuilding and moving forward is in full effect. The guys decided to release the track in honor of all of us who were affected, with 100% of proceeds going towards rebuilding these communities.

Name your price here, every little bit helps.

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“We wrote this song in the summer of 2012 in New Jersey. The song is about moving on and looking up when we cannot control the situations that we are going through. We have had a surreal experience with this song and video, considering this town is now in shambles. We were never going to release this song because we could not connect to it and did not realize the meaning in the lyrics that we had written at the time. However, after Hurricane Sandy hit, we noticed that there is something much deeper within this song that was meant to spread positivity and uplift everyone’s spirits during this time of tragedy. There has been some serious fate that has taken place while making this song and video and deciding not to release it, and we feel that it was made solely to help the victims of the storm. There is more than just our music in this song, there is love, hope, and a meaning that we did not control and cannot describe. All proceeds will be going towards helping rebuild the communities affected. Peace and Love Biscuits.”

An Open Letter to HARD: Day of the Dead
Nov 2012 05

This past weekend, I, along with thousands of other enthusiastic festival goers, traveled to Los Angeles State Historic Park for HARD: DAY OF THE DEAD. With a beyond where can i buy furosemide online sick lineup that included Justice, Diplo (Major Lazer), Tommy TrashCrookers, Kill The Noise, Knife Party, Zeds Dead, Dillon Francis, Gesaffelstein and Maya Jane Coles, among others, it was a festival that I’d been looking forward to for weeks!

As we got off the LA Metro at the State Historic Park, surrounded by eager ravers in full-on Halloween festival garb, our anticipation to enter the festival and begin dancing was immense. As with any festival, we knew we’d have to wait in line for roughly twenty minutes, give or take, to get in and get our dance on… little did we know that HARD, being an unorganized fucking mess, would have us wait in line for over two hours just to enter. Why? No one knows. All I know is that we arrived at the festival at 7:30 PM and did not enter until after 9:30 PM. We were stopped by a blockade of riot police (sans riot), keeping us and hundreds of others standing in a crowded mosh-pit that was brimming with so much contempt that I felt we may be in a very dangerous situation should anything go wrong.  After two hours of being stuck in a line that can only be described as hellish, and missing over two hours of music (including Zeds Dead. I’m livid), we were finally allowed in.

Keep in mind that most festivals overlook something simple that makes the experience slightly less enjoyable than it should be, but this was by far the biggest fuck-up I’ve encountered at a festival. HARD, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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"Ya Never Know" – Terraplane Sun
Nov 2012 06

Fact: There’s not enough rock in today’s music scene.

Pop rock, and for damn sure soft rock, doesn’t count. I’m talking that old school classic rock sound – BUT – with a modernized twist. The biggest advantage that artists these days have is the ever growing ability to tear down the walls between genres – resulting in a fusion of new sounds and new music to identify with.

Teraplane Sun best online price for viagra comes from one of my favorite eclectic towns in sunny California, Venice beach, which may contribute to their self described mish mash of genres, including: “Blues Indie Rock Folk Dance Soul.”

I personally think their rocker status shines through on “Ya Never Know”, with a dash of soulful blues, am I seriously digging it. I found myself playing it once, twice, three times just while writing this post.

Let some good ‘new’ fashioned rock & roll inspire you to get out and #RockTheVote!

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