“Ashes Rising” – Captain Midnite ft. Kyle Lucas & OnCue
Oct 2012 01

The immediate reaction to “Ashes Rising” is that Captain Midnite is a very talented producer. The string section sets the tone of the song, and continues to reinforce the lyrical content through its powerful composition. He grabs Kyle Lucas and Cuey to lay down some verses, providing an additional complexity that keeps the track intriguing until the very last note.

The hook is smooth and sentimental, with an overall dark undertone that matches the spooky month as we dive headfirst into October. The track is featuring on Captain Midnite’s upcoming EP, All This Will Fade – due out October 10th!

Happy Monday and Happy October – this song definitely isn’t a bad way to start it all off.

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PS – be on the lookout for our exclusive feature with Kyle Lucas!

“The Key” – Lovelife (Prod. Xaphoon Jones)
Oct 2012 01

Lovelife is becoming addictive.

The duo’s debut EP, El Regreso, is still in heavy rotation, and their latest song, “The Key” can be added to that playlist. The Xaphoon Jones produce

d pop song brings me back to Justin Timberlake’s glory days – with that smooth, sultry falsetto that simply just knew how to bring sexy back. The mysteriously sexy song has all the elements of a quintessential pop song, while still delivering that modern edge.

The throwback sound makes me want to sing into a hairbrush and run around my room belting out the lyrics to the JTT posters hanging on my walls.

Psh, who am I kidding, JTT was way before JT’s heirarchy – JB covers my walls now, pre throw up incident.

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Throwback: Gold Panda, “You”
Oct 2012 01

Regardless of genre, I think it is safe to say that music can be classified into two groups: good music & bad music. That said, I’d like to pay homage to one of my personal “most-listened to” artists, London electro-wiz, Gold Panda.

“You,” off GP’s 2010 album, Lucky Shiner, is a delightful example of Gold Panda’s masterful producing work (stream Lucky Shiner below). His dreamy dance beats sample Asian influence and transport the listener to another level of musical escape. Mello your mood, clear your mind, and get to know Gold Panda.

<3 Hazzard

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Musikk Video: “Honey” – Swim Deep
Oct 2012 02

Some videos might not be crazy creative, or a major blockbuster budget storyline – but if it gets you thinking then it’s worth it.

So many thoughts simultaneously occured as I watched Swim Deep’s video for my latest obsession, “Honey”, with the first being that I had no idea these guys were so young!

Their British indie-rock sound developed a hipster persona for the group in my mind; but after watching their video, I’m reminded of a 90’s era rock groups, and can now even hear a bit of grunge influence. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Possibly. But their performance, colorful video, and style & personality reveal hidden sound qualities within the song – making it even better.

Also, that girl looks like a cross between Jennifer Lawrence and T. Swift.

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“World Is Our Playground” – Mike Taylor
Oct 2012 02

So I’ve been a fan of Mike Taylor ever since “Searchin for Summer” (which happens to be one of the best summer songs around) and the entire From The Stars mixtape. When I saw that he dropped a new track yesterday on Twitter, I couldn’t wait to give it a spin. One listen wasn’t enough and I ended up hitting repeat too many times to count.

“World Is Our Playground” is an upbeat, dance track produced by Jimmy Wong that I can definitely see playing in a club or in my earbuds during a run. The song has a solid build-up to the big drop and Taylor really shows off his vocal chops throughout. It’s a bit different than other Mike Taylor songs I’ve heard, but I’m seriously liking this direction.

One of my favorite things about Taylor is that he is accessible to his fans. After he released the track yesterday I tweeted at him asking if “World Is Our Playground” would be on his next project. A couple minutes later I got a response; turns out he has a project coming out later this year, but this song is just something he’d been working on to hold us over until then. We had a little back-and-forth and he seems like a really cool guy, so I had to give the song a shout-out since it’s definitely fresh.

Give it a listen and you’ll be ready to start you weekend on a Tuesday afternoon.

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Musikk Video: "Same Love" – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Oct 2012 02

“No freedom til we’re equal, damn right that’s important.”

Captivated from the very first second, through the ending credits. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have proved time and ti

me again that everything they do is of am extremely have calibur – so doing an ordinary musikk video is simply out of the question. These guys created a beautiful short film that was nothing short of inspirational for their breakthrough song, “Same Love.”

The heartfelt story weaves through the life of a man trying to discover his true self. He plays, learns, grows – experiences sadness, happiness, love… And ultimately finds himself along the way. I’m a true sucker for love stories, so as I felt my eyes brimming with tears, I realized I’m the perfect example of what they are hoping to achieve with this video.

Love is love, no matter whether it’s between a man and woman, two men, or two women; It’s always inspiring.

The video was directed by Ryan Lewis, Jon Jon Augustavo, and Tricia Davis; The Heist will be available October 9th – and you better believe I’m bubbling over with excitement to hear it.

Support marriage equality by copping “Same Love” on iTunes.

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[Free Download] The Vitalic Noise ‘Family Ties’ Mixtape
Oct 2012 02

While it may be apparent that fall is upon us for many of you, the same cannot be said for all my party ponies in LA. It’s 100 degrees today. It has been 100 degrees for the past week. I don’t have central air. I. Am. Dying.

Since Mother Nature thinks it’s acceptable to relapse back into summer, the only thing we in the Southland can do is roll with the punches & bring out some summery, nu-disco jams to help get us through this unrelenting heatwave. Hey, if we’re going to melt we may as well do it listening to something that will make us feel more “chill,” right?  The Vitalic Noise ‘Family Ties’ Mixtape is the musical equvilant to opening the freezer door & unabashedly sticking your head in to cool off: it’s AMAZING!

To celebrate the re-launch of the Vitalic Noise music brand, this esteemed music management company has blessed us with Family Ties Mixtape above, mixing together their top talent, including: Miami Horror, Goldroom, Viceroy, DCUP, Grafton Primary, Knightlife, Chela, and Good Night Keaton. Can’t get much cooler than that!

Stay fresh & cool,

<3 Hazzard

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Fresh Musikk: Freedom Fall, September Playlist 2012
Oct 2012 03

Okay, fine Mother Nature. There’s been a string of 60-something degree days, a cool breeze, and fading daylight; It’s official, fall has arrived.

Our september playlist is a combination of breezy tracks, and bubbly anthems that strived to keep the summer sun shining. The 27 song set features some of the best songs we featured on Fresh Musikk over the last month including: Sun City, G – Eazy, Y Luv, Kanye &amp; crew, The Knocks, Four Tet, Action Bronson, Party Supplies and more. Whew. Basically a long list of talent that gets you pumped to hear what comes on next!

So while all the girls at school or work may be wearing more clothes, and the appearance of boardshort clad bros is slim- at least you can throw on this playlist this weekend with the hopes of wearing less clothes by the end of the night…

~k.roth & fam

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(The playlist below is glitchy – click here to stream the Spotify playlist in its entirety.)



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